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Luigi Illica
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STREET ARABS, (hastening from the right) ’Tis the Tattoo!

WORK GIRLS, (hastening out of the cafe) ’Tis the Tattoo!

STUDENTS and CITIZENS.  ’Tis the Tattoo!

(Hastening from the left.  As the Tattoo is still a long way off, the folk run hither and thither, as if uncertain from which quarter the band will appear.)

SCH.  But who has got my purse?

(They all feel their pockets which are empty; none can explain the sudden disappearance of SCHAUNARD’S purse, and they look at each other in surprise.)

STREET ARABS.  Will they come along this way?

WORK GIRLS and STUDENTS.  No; from there.

STREET ARABS.  They are coming down this way.

WORK GIRLS and STUDENTS.  Here they come!

CITIZENS.  Way there!

HAWKERS.  Way there!

SOME BOYS.  Oh! let me see!

OTHERS.  Oh! let me hear!

BOYS.  Mother, do let me see!

OTHERS.  Papa, do let me hear!

MOTHERS.  Lisette, do be quiet! 
Tony, do have done! do be quiet!

MUS. (to the waiter)
And my bill, please, bring to me.

(To waiter who brings the bill)

Thank you. 
Just make one bill of the two. 
The gentleman will pay
Who came to sup with me.

RUD., MAR., SCH. and COL.  Yes, he will pay!

MAR. (aside) He will pay!

SCH. and COL.  Yes, he will pay!

MUS. (placing both bills at ALCINDORO’s place)
And, after this pleasant meeting,
This shall be my greeting!

RUD., MAR., SCH. and COL.  And, after our pleasant meeting,
This shall be her greeting!

(The crowd fills the stage and the patrol advances gradually.)

WORK GIRLS.  They will come along this way.


STREET ARABS.  When it gets nearer,
We’ll march along beside it.

(Several windows are opened at which mothers and their children appear and eagerly await the coming of the patrol.)

HAWKERS.  In that patrol perceive
The country’s noble might!

STREET ARABS.  Now, look out! they’re coming!

STUDENTS, WORK GIRLS and CITIZENS.  Do stand back, for here they come!

MAR.  See, the patrol is coming!

COL.  Look out that old boy
Don’t catch you with his darling!

RUD.  See, the patrol is coming!

MAR. and SCH.  Now the crowd is tremendous: 
T’ escape will be so easy.

(The patrol enters, headed by a gigantic drum-major, who dexterously twists his baton, showing the way.)

STREET ARABS and WORK GIRLS.  And there’s the drum-major!

CITIZENS and SHOP-KEEPERS.  As proud as a warrior of old!

MIMI, MUS. and RUD.  Quick, or you will miss them!

MAR., SCH. and COL.  Quick, or you will miss them!

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