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It will not be necessary to publish the names of writers, nor of individuals alluded to in communications; though in many cases it may be desirable and expedient.  But, in every case, the name of the writer, or some respectable reference for attesting the accuracy of statements, must be furnished to the Editor; as he must be responsible to the public for the correctness of whatever may appear in the work.  He will moreover think it his duty to present Contributors a generous compensation.

Ministers, of different Christian denominations, willing to aid in executing the design, are affectionately requested to write as soon as practicable—­either furnishing matter for publication, or stating definitely, when and how much aid may be expected.  If the work is ably supported by the co-operation of Clergymen, the Editor does not hesitate to say, that he will at least circulate thousands and tens of thousands of copies gratuitously, and thus afford Contributors the best of all rewards—­the opportunity of doing extensive good.

That the blessing of God Almighty may crown the enterprise, is the humble prayer of His servant,

Austin Dickinson.


Upwards of fifty Clergymen, of five Christian denominations, and belonging to sixteen different States, most of whom are well known to the public as Authors, have encouraged the Editor to expect from them Sermons for the Preacher.

* * * * *

=To the enterprising.=

Persons having expressed a disposition to circulate this Work, provided postage could be avoided; we would say to such, that for ten or more Subscribers, who pay at one time in advance, or on first receiving Numbers, a deduction from the price of One Dollar a year may be made, equal to the annual postage.  And in such cases money may be forwarded without being post-paid.  Experience shows, there is no mode of conveyance safer than the Mail.

[Ordinary Terms, other leaf.]


=National preacher.=

Go ...  Teach all Nations.... Matt. xxviii. 19.

Vol.  II.  New-York, December, 1827.  No. 7.

=Sermon XXVI.=

By Aaron W. Leland, D.D.

Charleston, S. Carolina.


1 COR.  I. 18.—­For the preaching of the cross is, to them that perish, foolishness.

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