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The lovers of fine engravings and exquisite drawings will have a rare opportunity of enriching their portfolios in the course of the next and following week, as Messrs. Leigh Sotheby and Co., of Wellington Street, commence on Monday a nine days’ sale of a magnificent collection of engravings, of the highest quality, of the ancient and modern Italian, German, Dutch, Flemish, French, and English schools, which comprises some superb drawings of the most celebrated masters of the different schools of Europe.

We have received the following Catalogues:—­Bernard Quaritch’s (16.  Castle Street, Leicester Square) Catalogue of Oriental and Foreign Books, comprising most Languages and Dialects of the Globe; and John Miller’s (43.  Chandos Street) Catalogue, Number Four for 1850, of Books, Old and New.

* * * * *


Odd Volumes.

CREVIER—­HISTORY OF THE ROMAN EMPERORS, 8vo.  London, J. and P. Knapton, 1744, Vols.  I. and II.

Plate 2, to the 11th chapter of Vol.  III of STUART’S ATHENS.  JOURNALS OF
THE HOUSE OF LORDS, from 1660 to 1688.

Letters, stating particulars and lowest price, carriage free, to be sent to MR. BELL, Publisher of “NOTES AND QUERIES,” 186.  Fleet Street.

* * * * *


As we have been again compelled to omit many articles which we are anxious to insert, we shall next week give an enlarged Number of 24 pages, instead of 16, so as to clear off our arrears.

Arnot’s Physics. A copy of this work has been reported to Mr. Bell:  will our correspondent who wishes for it forward his name and address?

* * * * *



Just published, folio, 5 guineas half-bound (printed by Her Majesty’s command).

MATERIALS for the HISTORY of BRITAIN, from the earliest period.  Vol.  I, extending to the Norman Conquest.  “Sir Robert Inglis remarked, that this work had been pronounced, by one of our most competent collegiate authorities, to be the finest work published in Europe.”—­Proceedings in Parliament, March 11. 1850.

HENRY BUTTERWORTH, Publisher to the Public Record Department, 7.  Fleet Street.

Of whom may be had, 8vo., sewed.  A DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE of the RECORD PUBLICATIONS.

* * * * *


This day is published, in post 8vo., price Twopence; 1s. 6d. per dozen, or 10s. per hundred,

LET US UPHOLD the SCRIPTURE RULE of MARRIAGES:  an Earnest Address to Englishmen.  By the Rev. ABNER W. BROWN, M.A.  London; SAMPSON LOW, 169.  Fleet Street.

       * * * * * {424}

Preparing for Publication, With the Sanction of the Society of Arts, and the Committee of the Ancient and Mediaeval Exhibition,

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