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How the heart of God must yearn for the record of lives devoted to humanity.  He asks no higher service of man than this.

The truly great man is that one who is satisfied if he is doing to the utmost limit of his capacity the thing which he has at hand.

God would never make the mistake of helping any young man or young woman who did not make every possible effort to help himself.

Do not make the mistake of thinking you are the biggest man in your society.  Bigger men than you have died and have not been missed after forty-eight hours.

The girl who is caught by gold-headed canes, carried by heads with no brains on the inside and only pasted hair on the outside, has a pitiable future before her.

No pain, no privation, no sacrifice endured for Christ is a loss, but is rather a gain.  Christ will not forget those who suffered for Him when He comes to make up His jewels.

Sunday manners are just like Sunday clothes; everybody can tell that you put them on for the occasion only, and know that you are not used to wearing them through the week.

The devil led the Prodigal Son away from a good home into the gay society of the world, and amused him with the pleasures of sin till he got him down, then he fed him on husks.  That is the way he works.

A good many church members do not like to have it known how much they give for missions.  They remind us of the man who said, when asked about the amount he gave, “What I give is nothing to nobody.”

The reason why some people do not want the preacher to preach on personal sins, is because they are afraid he might say something against them.

When we see a man going to get water at his neighbor’s well, we naturally suppose his own is dry.  So when we see a Christian seeking the pleasures of the world, we suppose he no longer finds pleasure in religion.

To know which way a stream of water is flowing, you must not look at the little eddy, but at the main current, and to know which way a life is tending, you must not look at a single act, but at the whole trend of the life.

Satan likes to discourage people, to hinder them in the performance of their Christian duties, but remember that Christ has said, “My grace is sufficient for you.”  Go steadily forward in the line of duty and success will crown your efforts.

The light of a candle can not be seen very far in the light of a noon-day sun, but at night it may be seen for a long distance and may be a guiding star to some poor wanderer.  And so, God sometimes darkens our way that we may shine.

The man who prays for the conversion of the heathen, and then spends a great deal more for tobacco than he gives to missions, is certainly not very consistent in his praying and giving.

Thomas Hood once wrote to his wife:  “I never was anything, dearest, till I knew you; and I have been a better, happier, and more prosperous man ever since.  Lay by that truth in lavender, sweetest, and remind me of it when I fail.”

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