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the realms of Heaven.  Being a stranger there, I gladly and gracefully accepted his kind invitation.  Proceeding along the pearly streets, enraptured with the beauties which surrounded me, I saw a multitude of people, the number of whom figures fail to compute; but I noticed there were dividing lines, and they were gathered in companies.  Observing a beautiful body of water in the distance, and a gathering of one company by its banks, I inquired of my escort who they were.  He replied they were Baptists, and said “they always keep near the water’s edge.”  Just beyond was another company, which my faithful attendant informed me was a Presbyterian band, and that their infant baptism views still clinging to them was one of the causes of their “corralling” together.  Just then we heard loud and prolonged shouting and singing of the hymn “Shall we gather at the river,” and, pointing to the spot from whence it came, near a beautiful stream not far off, the angel said:  “Those are the Methodists.  They never cease shouting, and so loud are they at times that they annoy the Episcopalians, whom you see on the opposite side of the stream, in their discussion of the doctrine of apostolic succession.”  Seeing still other gatherings farther on, I was anxious to go thither and mingle with them; but my guide remonstrated, saying:  “You can see from this standpoint the representatives of all churches.  There, said he, are the Catholics and the Jews, the Universalists and the Congregationalists, the Unitarians and the Moravians, all with their varied ‘creeds,’ and if you go that way you will be surrounded by them, each trying to prove that you got to Heaven through their peculiar doctrine or faith.”

Turning to the right, we moved on, only to pass to more gorgeous and beautiful apartments, where the streets were golden.  Here I observed another multitude, but it was one body.  “This,” said the angel, “is the gathering of the various priests and pastors, rectors and rabbis, and the ministers and the elders who are trying to unite on some common ground upon which their congregations (which we had passed) might stand, where there would be but ‘One Lord, one faith, one baptism.’” Gal., iv, 5.  For, said the angel, until then, they go not up with their churches and creeds to higher seats above, for “neither circumcision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision.”  Gal., v, 6.

Proceeding on our way we approached a magnificent archway, over the lintels of which was inscribed, “The Christian’s Home in Glory.”  The grandeur of this new apartment exceeded all the rest, a description of which lies beyond the power of words, “For eye hath not seen, nor the ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”  I Cor., ii, 9.  This I found to be the abode of the apostles, martyrs and Christians of all ages.  Here was Paul and Peter, and the prophets, the thief on the cross and Bunyan, Lazarus

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