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Odd-Fellowship’s plan of benefaction addresses itself to the physical as well as the moral nature, and, reaching out from its immediate subjects, permeates by natural affinity every sphere in which active sympathy may be invoked.  Its mission and its results are not only active and substantial, but often so effective by its consequential or indirect influence as to penetrate entire communities.  In this connection I will say Odd-Fellowship is not a religious organization.  Our work pertains particularly to this life, educating the heart of man to practical beneficence, alleviating the sufferings of humanity and elevating the character of man.  Odd-Fellowship was not organized for the purpose of ridding the world of all its sorrows, but to ameliorate and to soften the suffering to which the human family is heir.  It is an association of men who have united themselves for the purpose of smoothing the ragged edge of want, and extending to those who are bound down by the iron bands of misfortune a helping hand.  Odd-Fellowship holds no affinity with the classifications or distinctions of society, but dispenses charity to all alike.  It does not array itself against the church, nor presume to arrogate its functions, or to supervise its teachings.  Its lodges are not the council rooms of enmity to religious, civil, moral or social organizations.  Far otherwise; all its oracles and instructions in relation to these grave subjects find their warrant and authority in the divine law, under the inspiration of which it proclaims the Golden Rule as the sublimest illustration of the law of love.  Odd-Fellowship keeps a close watch over its subjects, and constantly impresses upon their minds the fact that their hearts must not foster evil, the progenitor of crime, or hatred and vice, whose evil consequences must continue to afflict mankind until the coming of that time to which hope looks forward with ardent joy, when one law shall bind all nations, tongues and kindred of the earth, and that law will be the law of “Universal Brotherhood.”  Odd-Fellowship also teaches us that we are never to judge a man by his outward appearance.  A man’s form may be clothed with rags, his hands may be rough and hard, his cheeks may be browned by the rays of summer’s sun; yet underneath all this there may be an honest heart.  If so, we take him by the hand and call him brother.  Odd-Fellowship teaches equality; we must meet upon one common level.  The brother who lives in the rough log cabin enjoys the same right and privileges as the monarch on his throne.  We live, we move and have our being, and are indebted for all things to the One Great Ruler of the Universe—­God.  All persons are desirous of being happy, and happiness is sought for in various ways.  Odd-Fellowship teaches that man is responsible for his own misery.  I believe that no mere misfortune can ever call for exceeding bitter sorrow.  As long as man preserves himself from contamination of that which is evil and

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