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Nianga then shoots Mr. Leopard.

The end . . . “is with God.”

Leopard and the Other Animals

Mr. Leopard lived.  One day hunger grasps him.  He says:  “How shall I do?  I will call all the animals in the world, saying, ’Come ye, let us have a medical consultation.’  When the animals come then I may catch and eat.”

He sends at once to call Deer, Antelope, Soko, Hare, and Philantomba.  They gather, saying:  “Why didst thou send for us?” He says:  “Let us consult medicine, that we get health.”

The sun is broken down.  They begin the drums outside with the songs.  Mr. Leopard himself is beating the drum; he is saying, saying: 

  “O Antelope!  O Deer! 
  Your friend is sick;
  Do not shun him! 
  O Antelope!  O Deer! 
  Your friend is sick;
  Do not shun him! 
  O Antelope!  O Deer! 
  Your friend is sick;
  Do not shun him’”

Deer says:  “Chief, the drum, how art thou playing it?  Bring it here; that I play it.”  Mr. Leopard gives him it.  Deer takes the drum, says: 

  “Not sickness;
  Wiliness holds thee
  Not sickness;
  Wiliness holds thee! 
  Not sickness;
  Wiliness holds thee!”

Mr. Leopard stood up from ground, said:  “Thou, Deer, knowest not how to play the drum.”

The animals all then ran away, saying, “Mr. Leopard has a scheme to catch us.”

Elephant and Frog

I often tell of Mr. Elephant and Mr. Frog, who were courting at one house.

One day Mr. Frog spake to the sweetheart of Mr. Elephant, saying:  “Mr. Elephant is my horse.”  Mr. Elephant, when he came at night, then the girls tell him, saying:  “Thou art the horse of Mr. Frog!”

Mr. Elephant then goes to Mr. Frog’s, saying:  “Didst thou tell my sweetheart that I am thy horse?” Mr. Frog says, saying:  “No; I did not say so.”  They go together to find the sweetheart of Mr. Elephant.

On the way, Mr. Frog told Mr. Elephant, saying:  “Grandfather, I have not strength to walk.  Let me get up on thy back!” Mr. Elephant said:  “Get up, my grandson.”  Mr. Frog then goes up.

When a while passed, he told Mr. Elephant:  “Grandfather, I am going to fall.  Let me seek small cords to bind thee in mouth.”  Mr. Elephant consents.  Mr. Frog then does what he has asked.

When passed a little while, he told again Mr. Elephant, saying:  “Let me seek a green twig to fan the mosquitoes off thee.”  Mr. Elephant says:  “Go.”  He then fetches the twig.

Then, when they were about to arrive, the girls saw them, and they went to meet them with shouting, saying:  “Thou, Mr. Elephant, art the horse indeed of Mr. Frog!”

Dog and the Kingship

Mr. Dog, they wanted to invest him with the kingship.  They sought all the things of royalty:  the cap, the sceptre, the rings, the skin of mulkaka.  The things are complete; they say:  “The day has come to install.”

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