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In a little while he called to his Master again.  “Now if I could only warm my neck also,” he said.

“Then put your neck inside,” said his Master, kindly.  “You will not be in my way.”

The Camel did so, and for a time was very well contented.  Then, looking around, he said:  “If I could only put my forelegs inside I should feel a great deal better.”

His Master moved a little and said:  “You may put your forelegs and shoulders inside, for I know that the wind blows cold to-night.”

The Camel had hardly planted his forefeet within the tent when he spoke again: 

“Master,” he said, “I keep the tent open by standing here.  I think I ought to go wholly within.”

“Yes, come in,” said the Man.  “There is hardly room for us both, but I do not want to keep you out in the cold.”

So the Camel crowded into the tent, but he was no sooner inside than he said:  “You were right when you said that there was hardly room for us both.  I think it would be better for you to stand outside and so give me a chance to turn around and lie down.”

Then, without more ado, he rudely pushed the Man out at the door, and took the whole tent for himself.

The Flies and the Honey-pot

A jar of Honey having been upset in a housekeeper’s room, a number of Flies were attracted by its sweetness, and placing their feet in it ate it greedily.

Their feet, however, became so smeared with the Honey that they could not use their wings, nor release themselves, and so were suffocated.

Just as they were expiring, they exclaimed, “O foolish creatures that we are; for the sake of a little pleasure we have destroyed ourselves!”

The Spectacles

Jupiter, one day, enjoying himself over a bowl of nectar, and in a merry humour, determined to make mankind a present.

Momus was appointed to convey it, who, mounted on a rapid car, was presently on earth.  “Come hither,” said he, “ye happy mortals; great Jupiter has opened for your benefit his all-gracious hands.  ’Tis true he made you somewhat short-sighted, but, to remedy that inconvenience, behold now he has favoured you!”

So saying, he opened his portmanteau, when an infinite number of spectacles tumbled out, and were picked up by the crowd with all the eagerness imaginable.  There were enough for all, for every man had his pair.

But it was soon found that these spectacles did not represent objects to all mankind alike; for one pair was purple, another blue; one was white and another black; some of the glasses were red, some green, and some yellow.  In short, there were all manner of colours, and every shade of colour.  However, notwithstanding this diversity, every man was charmed with his own, as believing it the best, and enjoyed in opinion all the satisfaction of truth.

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