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    Imaginary terrors scare
  A timorous soul with real fear! 
  Nay, e’en the wise and brave are cowed
  By apprehensions from the crowd;

  A frog a lion may disarm,
  And yet how causeless the alarm!


  Here check we our career;
  Long books I greatly fear;
  I would not quite exhaust my stuff;
  The flower of subjects is enough.




  Acorn and the Pumpkin, The.  La Fontaine (French)
  Aesop and His Fellow Servants.  Aesop (Greek)
  Amelia and the Spider.  Anonymous (English)
  Animals’ Peace Party, The. (Chinese)
  Animals Sick of the Plague, The.  La Fontaine (French)
  Ant and the Fly, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Ass and His Master, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Ass and His Purchaser, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Ass and His Shadow, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Ass and the Dog, The.  La Fontaine (French)
  Ass and the Lap-dog, The.  La Fontaine (French)
  Ass Carrying Relics, The.  La Fontaine (French)
  Ass in the Lion’s Skin, The.  Aesop (Greek)

  Bat and the Two Weasels, The.  La Fontaine (French)
  Bear and the Fowls, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Bear, the Monkey and the Pig, The.  Yriarte (Spanish)
  Bee and the Cuckoo, The.  Yriarte (Spanish)
  Belling the Cat.  Aesop (Greek)
  Birds and the Monkeys, The.  Hitopadesa (Sanskrit)
  Blackamoor, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Blue Jackal, The.  Hitopadesa (Sanskrit)
  Boasting Traveller, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Boy and the Filberts, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Boy and the Wolf, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Boys and the Frogs, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Brahmin and the Goat, The.  Hitopadesa (Sanskrit)
  Buffoon and the Countryman, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Builder of Ability and the Builder of Haste, The. (African)

  Camel and His Master, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Camel and the Pig, The.  Raju (Indian)
  Cat and the Fox, The.  La Fontaine (French)
  Cat and the Mice, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Cat and the Two Sparrows, The.  La Fontaine (French)
  Chameleon, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  City Rat and the Country Rat, The.  La Fontaine (French)
  Cock and the Fox, The.  La Fontaine (French)
  Cock and the Jewel, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Council of Horses, The.  Gay (English)
  Country Fellow and the River, A. Aesop (Greek)
  Countryman and the Serpent, The.  La Fontaine (French)
  Crab and Its Mother, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Crane and the Fool, The.  Raju (Indian)
  Crow and the Mussel, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Crow and the Partridge, The.  Bidpai (Indian)
  Crow and the Pitcher, The.  Aesop (Greek)
  Cuckoo and the Cock, The.  Krilof (Russian)
  Cuckoo and the Eagle, The.  Krilof (Russian)
  Cuckoo and the Turtle-dove, The.  Krilof (Russian)

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