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[Footnote 1336:  I have made an effort to identify writers in Blackwood’s, but am informed by the editors that it is impossible to do this for the period before 1870, old correspondence having been destroyed.]

[Footnote 1337:  July, 1861.]

[Footnote 1338:  The Atlantic Monthly for November, 1861, takes up the question, denying that democracy is in any sense “on trial” in America, so far as the permanence of American institutions is concerned.  It still does not see clearly the real nature of the controversy in England.]

[Footnote 1339:  Aug. 17, 1861.]

[Footnote 1340:  Sept. 6, 1861. (Mass.  Hist.  Soc. Proceedings, XLVI, p. 94.)]

[Footnote 1341:  Sept. 7, 1861.]

[Footnote 1342:  Sept. 14, 1861.]

[Footnote 1343:  Motley, Correspondence, II, p. 35.  To his mother, Sept. 22, 1861.]

[Footnote 1344:  April, 1861.]

[Footnote 1345:  Oct., 1861.]

[Footnote 1346:  Oct., 1861.  Article, “Democracy teaching by Example.”]

[Footnote 1347:  Nov. 23, 1861.]

[Footnote 1348:  Cited by Harris, The Trent Affair, p. 28.]

[Footnote 1349:  Robertson, Speeches of John Bright, I, pp. 177 seq.]

[Footnote 1350:  Gladstone Papers, Dec. 27, 1861.]

[Footnote 1351:  State Dept., Eng., Vol. 78, No. 95.  Adams to Seward, Dec. 27, 1861.  As printed in U.S.  Messages and Documents, 1862-63, Pt.  I, p. 14.  Adams’ emphasis on the word “not” is unindicated, by the failure to use italics.]

[Footnote 1352:  Ibid., No. 110.  Enclosure.  Adams to Seward, Jan. 31, 1862.]

[Footnote 1353:  Feb. 22, 1862.]

[Footnote 1354:  State Dept., Eng., Vol. 80, No. 206.  Adams to Seward, Aug. 8, 1862.  Of this period in 1862, Rhodes (IV, 78) writes that “the most significant and touching feature of the situation was that the cotton operative population was frankly on the side of the North.”  Lutz, Die Beziehungen zwischen Deutschland und den Vereinigten Staaten waehrend des Sezessionskrieges, pp. 49-53, makes an interesting analysis of the German press, showing it also determined in its attitude by factional political idealisms in Germany.]

[Footnote 1355:  Palmerston MS., Aug. 24, 1862.]

[Footnote 1356:  Aug. 30, 1862.]

[Footnote 1357:  October, 1862.  “The Confederate Struggle and Recognition.”]

[Footnote 1358:  Nov. 4, 1862.]

[Footnote 1359:  The Index, Nov. 20, 1862, p. 63. (Communication.)]

[Footnote 1360:  Anthony Trollope, North America, London, 1862, Vol.  I, p. 198.  The work appeared in London in 1862, and was in its third edition by the end of the year.  It was also published in New York in 1862 and in Philadelphia in 1863.]

[Footnote 1361:  The Liberator, March 13, 1863, quoting a report in the New York Sunday Mercury.]

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