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[Footnote 1172:  This came through a letter from Donoughmore to Mason, April 4, 1864, stating that it was private information received by Delane from Mackay, the Times New York correspondent.  The expected Southern victory was to come “in about fourteen days.” (Mason Papers.)]

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[Footnote 1181:  Editorials of May 28 and 30, 1864, painted a dark picture for Northern armies.]

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[Footnote 1186:  Mason Papers.  Mason to Slidell, June 8, 1864.  Mason wrote to Benjamin that Disraeli had said “to one of his friends and followers” that he would be prepared to bring forward some such motion as that prepared by Lindsay. (Mason’s Mason, p. 500.  To Benjamin, June 9, 1864.) Evidently the friend was Hunter.]

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After three years of great Northern efforts to subdue the South and of Southern campaigns aimed, first, merely toward resistance, but later involving offensive battles, the Civil War, to European eyes, had reached a stalemate where neither side could conquer the other.  To the European neutral the situation was much as in the Great War it appeared to the American neutral in December, 1916, at the end of two years of fighting.  In both wars the neutral had expected and had prophesied

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