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[Footnote 744:  See ante, p. 32.]

[Footnote 745:  Russell Papers.  Stuart to Russell, July 21, 1862.]

[Footnote 746:  Lyons Papers.  Lyons to Stuart, July 25, 1862.]

[Footnote 747:  Russell Papers.  Stuart to Russell, Aug. 8, 1862.  Stoeckl’s own report hardly agrees with this.  He wrote that the newspapers were full of rumours of European mediation but, on consultation with Seward, advised that any offer at present would only make matters worse.  It would be best to wait and see what the next spring would bring forth (Russian Archives, Stoeckl to F.O., Aug. 9-21, 1862.  No. 1566).  Three weeks later Stoeckl was more emphatic; an offer of mediation would accomplish nothing unless backed up by force to open the Southern ports; this had always been Lyons’ opinion also; before leaving for England, Lyons had told him “we ought not to venture on mediation unless we are ready to go to war.”  Mercier, however, was eager for action and believed that if France came forward, supported by the other Powers, especially Russia, the United States would be compelled to yield.  To this Stoeckl did not agree.  He believed Lyons was right (Ibid., Sept. 16-28, 1862.  No. 1776).]

[Footnote 748:  Ibid., Aug. 22, 1862.  Sumner was Stuart’s informant.]

[Footnote 749:  Ibid., Sept. 26, 1862.  When issued on September 22, Stuart found no “humanity” in it.  “It is cold, vindictive and entirely political.”]

[Footnote 750:  Palmerston MS. Russell to Palmerston, Aug. 24, 1862.]

[Footnote 751:  The ignorance of other Cabinet members is shown by a letter from Argyll to Gladstone, September 2, 1862, stating as if an accepted conclusion, that there should be no interference and that the war should be allowed to reach its “natural issue” (Gladstone Papers).]

[Footnote 752:  Russell Papers.  Cowley to Russell.  Sept. 18, 1862, fixes the date of Russell’s letter.]

[Footnote 753:  Palmerston MS.]

[Footnote 754:  Walpole, Russell, II, p. 360.]

[Footnote 755:  Ibid., p. 361.  Sept. 17, 1862.]

[Footnote 756:  Russell Papers.  Cowley to Russell, Sept. 18, 1862.  This is the first reference by Cowley in over three months to mediation—­evidence that Russell’s instructions took him by surprise.]

[Footnote 757:  Gladstone Papers.]

[Footnote 758:  Palmerston MS. Russell to Palmerston, Sept. 22, 1862.]

[Footnote 759:  Russell Papers.]

[Footnote 760:  Walpole, Russell, II, p. 362.  Sept. 23, 1862.]

[Footnote 761:  Lyons Papers.]

[Footnote 762:  Lyons Papers.  Stuart to Lyons, Sept. 23, 1862.]

[Footnote 763:  Morley, Gladstone, II, p. 76.]

[Footnote 764:  See ante, p. 40.]

[Footnote 765:  Adams, A Crisis in Dooming Street, p. 393, giving the exact text paraphrased by Morley.]

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