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[Footnote 709:  Richardson, II, pp. 268-289.  Slidell to Benjamin, July 25, 1862.  It is uncertain just when Mason learned the details of Slidell’s offer to France.  Slidell, in his letter of July 20, wrote:  “There is an important part of our conversation that I will give you through Mr. Mann,” who, apparently, was to proceed at once to London to enlighten Mason.  But the Mason Papers show that Mann did not go to London, and that Mason was left in the dark except in so far as he could guess at what Slidell had done by reading Benjamin’s instructions, sent to him by Slidell, on July 30.  These did not include anything on Mexico, but made clear the plan of a “special commercial advantage” to France.  In C.F.  Adams, “A Crisis in Downing Street,” p. 381, it is stated that Benjamin’s instructions were written “at the time of Mercier’s visit to Richmond”—­with the inference that they were a result of Mercier’s conversation at that time.  This is an error.  Benjamin’s instructions were written on April 12, and were sent on April 14, while it was not until April 16 that Mercier reached Richmond.  To some it will no doubt seem inconceivable that Benjamin should not have informed Mercier of his plans for France, just formulated.  But here, as in Chapter IX, I prefer to accept Mercier’s positive assurances to Lyons at their face value.  Lyons certainly so accepted them and there is nothing in French documents yet published to cast doubt on Mercier’s honour, while the chronology of the Confederate documents supports it.]

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