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[Footnote 4:  There was a revival of this fear at the end of the American Civil War.  This will be commented on later.]

[Footnote 5:  This was the position of President and Congress:  yet the United States had not acknowledged the right of an American citizen to expatriate himself.]

[Footnote 6:  Between 1797 and 1801, of the sailors taken from American ships, 102 were retained, 1,042 were discharged, and 805 were held for further proof. (Updyke, The Diplomacy of the War of 1812, p. 21.)]

[Footnote 7:  The people of the British North American Provinces regarded the war as an attempt made by America, taking advantage of the European wars, at forcible annexation.  In result the fervour of the United Empire Loyalists was renewed, especially in Upper Canada.  Thus the same two wars which fostered militant patriotism in America against England had the same result in Canadian sentiment against America.]

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[Footnote 9:  Much has recently been published on British policy in Texas.  See my book, British Interests and Activities in Texas, 1838-1846, Johns Hopkins Press, Balt., 1910.  Also Adams, Editor, British Diplomatic Correspondence concerning the Republic of Texas, The Texas State Historical Association, Austin, Texas, 1918.]

[Footnote 10:  In my studies on British-American relations, I have read the leading British reviews and newspapers, and some four hundred volumes by British travellers.  For a summary of the British travellers before 1860 see my article “The Point of View of the British Traveller in America,” in the Political Science Quarterly, Vol.  XXIX, No. 2, June, 1914.]

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