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“I then supposed that the influence of the Emperor was such that any view of the question which he might urge on the British Cabinet would be adopted.  I have since had reason to change entirely this opinion.  I am now satisfied that in all that concerns us the initiative must be taken by England; that the Emperor sets such value on her good will that he will make any sacrifice of his own opinions and policy to retain it[578].”

On March 28 he repeated this conviction to Mason[579].  It was a correct judgment.  Mason was thereby exalted with the knowledge that his was to be the first place in importance in any and all operations intended to secure European support for the Confederacy, but he could not conceal from himself that the first steps undertaken in that direction had been premature.  From this first failure dated his fixed belief, no matter what hopes were sometimes expressed later, that only a change of Government in England would help the Southern cause.


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