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[Footnote 399:  The Trent was the cause of the outpouring of more contemporary articles and pamphlets and has been the subject of more historical writing later, than any other incident of diplomatic relations between the United States and Great Britain during the Civil War—­possibly more than all other incidents combined.  The account given in this chapter, therefore, is mainly limited to a brief statement of the facts together with such new sidelights as are brought out by hitherto unknown letters of British statesman; to a summary of British public attitude as shown in the press; and to an estimate of the after effect of the Trent on British policy.  It would be of no service to list all of the writings.  The incident is thoroughly discussed in all histories, whether British or American and in works devoted to international law.  The contemporary American view is well stated, though from a strongly anti-British point of view, in Harris, T.L., The Trent Affair, but this monograph is lacking in exact reference for its many citations and can not be accepted as authoritative.  The latest review is that of C.F.  Adams in the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society for November, 1911, which called out a reply from R.H.  Dana, and a rejoinder by Mr. Adams in the Proceedings for March, 1912.]

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[Footnote 401:  Parliamentary Papers, 1862, Lords, Vol.  XXV.  “Correspondence respecting the Trent.”  No. 1.  Inclosure.  Williams to Patey, Nov. 9, 1861.]

[Footnote 402:  Harris, The Trent Affair, pp. 103-109, describes the exact force used.]

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[Footnote 407:  Ibid., pp. 53-4.  Adams’ Diary MS. Nov. 12, 1861.]

[Footnote 408:  Ibid., p. 55.]

[Footnote 409:  A full year later, after the publication of the American volume of despatches for the year 1862, Russell took up this matter with Adams and as a result of an interview wrote to Lyons, November 28, 1862: 

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