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Another thrilling mystery story in which the famous French detective hero, Joseph Rouletabille, makes his appearance before the public again.  This character has won a place in the hearts of novel readers as no other detective has since the creation of Sherlock Holmes.

Thousands upon thousands of people in two continents await eagerly every book by Gaston Leroux that relates the adventures of the hero of “The Mystery of the Yellow Room” and “The Perfume of the Lady in Black.”

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Guardian Angels


Member of the Academie Francaise, Officer of the Legion of Honour

Author of “SIMPLY WOMEN,” Etc.

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Every married woman ought to read this novel, if only to be forewarned against a danger that may one day invade her own home.  It is a story of the double life led by the governesses of many young girls, showing the dangers of such companionships.

It is no exaggeration to say that “Guardian Angels” is one of the most remarkable novels that have been issued in any language during recent years.

Price $1.25 net; Postage 12 Cents

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=The Macaulay Company, Publishers

15 West 38th Street New York=

The Crown Novels


=HER SOUL AND HER BODY, By Louise Closser Hale=

The struggle between the spirit and the flesh of a young girl early in life compelled to make her own way.  Exposed to the temptations of life in a big city, the contest between her better and lower natures is described with psychological analysis and tender sympathy.  Absorbingly interesting.

=HELL’S PLAYGROUND, by Ida Vera Simonton=

This book deals with primal conditions in a land where “there ain’t no ten commandments”; where savagery, naked and unashamed, is not confined to the blacks.  It is a record of the life in the African tropics and it is a powerful and fascinating story of a scene that has rarely been depicted in fiction.

=THE MYSTERY OF No. 47, by J. Storer Clouston=

This is a most ingenious detective story—­a thriller in every sense of the word.  The reader is led cleverly on until he is at a loss to know what to expect, and, completely baffled, is unable to lay the book down until he has finished the story and satisfied his perplexity.

=THE SENTENCE OF SILENCE, by Reginald Wright Kauffman=

Author of “The House of Bondage;” etc.

By “The Sentence of Silence” is meant that sentence of reticence pronounced upon the subject of sex.  That which means the continuance of the human race is the one thing of which no one is permitted to speak.  In this book the subject is dealt with frankly.

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