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’O that I had begun to run before the day of grace had been past, and the gates of heaven shut against me!’ But, Fourthly, If thou shouldst see any of thy neighbors neglect the making sure of either house or land to themselves, if they had it proffered to them, saying, ’Time enough hereafter,’—­when the time is uncertain; and besides, they do not know whether ever it will be proffered to them again, or no:  I say, wouldst thou not call them fools?  And if so, then dost thou think that thou art a wise man to let thy immortal soul hang over hell by a thread of uncertain time, which may soon be cut asunder by death?

But to speak plainly, all these are the words of a slothful spirit.  Arise, man! be slothful no longer:  set foot, and heart, and all, into the way of God, and run.  The crown is at the end of the race.

Farewell.  I wish our souls may meet with comfort at the journey’s end.

John Bunyan.


Heaven must be run for.

So run, that ye may obtain.—­1 Corinthians ix. 24.

Heaven and happiness is that which every one desireth, insomuch that wicked Balaam could say, “Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his!” Yet for all this, there are but very few that do obtain that ever-to-be-desired glory, insomuch that many eminent professors drop short of a welcome from God into this pleasant place.  The apostle, therefore, because he did desire the salvation of the souls of the Corinthians to whom he writes this epistle, layeth them down in these words, such counsel, as if taken, would be for their help and advantage.

First, not to be wicked, and sit still, and wish for heaven; but to run for it.  Secondly, Not to content themselves with every kind of running; but, saith he, “So run, that ye may obtain.”

As if he should say, ’Some, because they would not lose their souls, begin to run betimes; they run apace, they run with patience, they run the right way; do you so run.  Some run from both father and mother, friends and companions, and this, that they may have the crown:  do you so run.  Some run through temptations, afflictions, good report, evil report, that they may win the pearl:  do you so run.  “So run, that ye may obtain."’

These words are taken from men’s running for a wager.  A very apt similitude to set before the eyes of the saints of the Lord.  “Know you not that they which run in a race, run all, but one receiveth the prize?  So run, that ye may obtain.”  That is, ’Do not only run, but be sure you win as well as run;’ “so run, that ye may obtain.”

I shall not need to make any great ado in opening the words at this time, but shall rather lay down one doctrine that I do find in them; and in prosecuting that, I shall show you, in some measure, the scope of the words.

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