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SEPTEMBER 14, 1918

We meet here to-day as the inheritors of those principles which preserved our Nation and extended its constitutional guaranties to all its citizens.  We come not as partisans but as patriots.  We come to pledge anew our faith in all that America means and to declare our firm determination to defend her within and without from every foe.  Above that we come to pay our tribute of wonder and admiration at the great achievements of our Nation and at the glory which they are shedding around her.  The past four years has shown the world the existence of a conspiracy against mankind of a vastness and a wickedness that could only be believed when seen in operation and confessed by its participants.  This conspiracy was promoted by the German military despotism.  It probably was encouraged by the results of three wars—­one against Denmark which robbed her of territory, one against Austria which robbed her of territory, and one against France which robbed her of territory and a cash indemnity of a billion dollars.  These seemingly easy successes encouraged their perpetrators to plan for the pillage and enslavement of the earth.

To accomplish this, the German despotism began at home.  By a systematic training the whole German people were perverted.  A false idea of their own greatness was added to their contempt and hate of other nations, who, they were taught, were bent on their destruction.  The military class were exalted and all else degraded.  Thus was laid the foundation for the atrocities which have marked their conduct of the war.

The vastness of the conquest planned has recently been revealed by August Thyssen, one of the greatest steel men of the empire.  He tells of a calling together, in the years before the war, of the industrial and banking interests of the Nation, when a plan of war was laid before them, and their support secured by the promise of spoils.  France, India, Canada, Australia were to be given over to German satraps.  His share was 30,000 acres in Australia, with $750,000 provided by the Government for its development.  This was the promise made by the Kaiser.  Here was the motive of the war.

How it was provoked is told by Prince Lichnowski, the Ambassador of Germany to London.  He shows how he had reached agreements for a treaty which would show the good will of Great Britain.  Berlin refused to sign it unless it should be kept secret.  He shows how Germany used Austria to attack Serbia; how mediations were refused; when Austria was about to withdraw, Germany sent an ultimatum to Russia one day and the next day declared war.

This diplomat sums up the whole case when he says:  “I had to support in London a policy the heresy of which I recognized.  That brought down vengeance on me because it was a sin against the Holy Ghost.”  What an indictment of Germany from her own confession!  A plan to use the revelations of science for the sack and slavery of the earth; the degradation, perversion, corruption of a whole people, and by those who should have been the wardens of their righteousness, done for the temporal glory of a military caste, and all in the name of divine right.

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