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This great work lies before our party in Massachusetts.  We shall go on battling for the first principles of Republican government until it has been secured to all the people of the earth.

Our American forces on sea and land are proving sufficient to turn the tide in favor of the Allied cause.  They could not succeed alone, we could not succeed alone.  We are furnishing a reserve power that is bringing victory.

But America must furnish more than armies and navies for the future.  If armies and navies were to be supreme, Germany would be right.  There are other and greater forces in the world than march to the roll of the drum.  As we are turning the scale with our sword now, so hereafter we must turn the scale with the moral power of America.  It must be our disinterested plans that are to restore Europe to a place through justice when we have secured victory through the sword.  And into a new world we are to take not only the people of oppressed Europe but the people of America.  Out of our sacrifice and suffering, out of our blood and tears, America shall have a new awakening, a rededication to the cause of Washington and Lincoln, a firmer conviction for the right.




The man who seeks to stimulate and increase the production of materials necessary for the conduct of the war by raising the price he pays is a patriot.  The man who refuses to sell at a fine price whatever he may have that is necessary for the conduct of the war is a profiteer.  One man seeks to help his country at his own expense, the other seeks to help himself at his country’s expense.  One is willing to suffer himself that his country may prosper, the other is willing his country should suffer that he may prosper.

In ordinary times these difficulties are taken care of by the operation of the law of supply and demand.  If the price is too high the buyer has time to go elsewhere.  In war the element of time is one of the chief considerations.  When what is wanted is once found it must be made available at once.  The principle of trusteeship also comes into more immediate operation.  It is recognized in time of peace that the public may take what it may need of private property for the general welfare, paying a fair compensation, and that the right to own property carries with it the duty of using it for the welfare of our fellow man.  The time has gone by when one may do what he will with his own.  He must use his property for the general good or the very right to hold private property is lost.

These are some of the rules to be observed in the relationship between man and man.  To see that these rules are properly enforced, governments are formed.  When they are not observed—­when the strong refuse voluntary justice to the weak—­then it is time for the strong arm of the law through the public officers to intervene and see that the weak are protected.  This can usually be done by the enactment of a law which all will try to obey, but when this course has failed there is no remedy save by the process of law to take from the wrong-doer his power in the future to do harm.

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