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It was manifested again in the adoption and defence by the young nation of that principle which is known as the Monroe Doctrine that European despotism should make no further progress in the Western Hemisphere.  It is in the great argument of Webster replying to Hayne and the stout declaration of Jackson that he would treat nullification as treason.  It was the compelling force of the Civil War, expounded by Lincoln in his unyielding purpose to save the Union but “with malice toward none, with charity for all,” which General Grant, his greatest soldier, put into practice at Appomattox when he sent General Lee back with his sword, and his soldiers home to the plantations, with their war horses for the spring plowing.  And at the conclusion of the Spanish War it is to the ever-enduring credit of our country that it exacted not penalties, but justice, and actually compensated a defeated foe for public property that had come to our hands in the Philippines as the result of the fortunes of battle.  But what of the present crisis?  Is the heart of the Nation still sound, does it still respond to the appeal to the high ideals of the past?  If those two and one half years, before the American declaration of war, shall appear, when unprejudiced history is written, to have been characterized by patience, forbearance, and self-restraint, they will add to the credit of former days.  If they were characterized by selfishness, by politics, by a balancing of expediency against justice they will be counted as a time of ignominy for which a victorious war would furnish scant compensation.



APRIL 22, 1918

The nation with the greatest moral power will win.  Of that are born armies and navies and the resolution to endure.  Have faith in the moral power of America.  It gave independence under Washington and freedom under Lincoln.  Here, right never lost.  Here, wrong never won.  However powerful the forces of evil may appear, somewhere there are more powerful forces of righteousness.  Courage and confidence are our heritage.  Justice is our might.  The outcome is in your hand, my fellow American; if you deserve to win, the Nation cannot lose.



JUNE 17, 1918

Reverence is the measure not of others but of ourselves.  This assemblage on the one hundred and forty-third anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill tells not only of the spirit of that day but of the spirit of to-day.  What men worship that will they become.  The heroes and holidays of a people which fascinate their soul reveal what they hold are the realities of life and mark out a line beyond which they will not retreat, but at which they will stand to overcome or die.  They who reverence Bunker Hill will fight there.  Your true patriot sees home and hearthstone in the welfare of his country.

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