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Documents of 15919
The Collection of Tributes in the Filipinas Islands (concluded)9
Reply by the Governor10
Order Issued by the Governor for Collection of the Tributes10
Letter from the Bishop to the Governor13
Letter from the Governor to the Bishop14
Letter from Salazar to Dasmarinas17
Letter from Dasmarinas to Salazar17
Letter from the Governor to the Bishop18
Letter from Salazar to Dasmarinas23
Liberty if the Indians in the Philippines34
Articles of Contract for the Conquest of Mindanao36
Ordinance Forbidding the Indians to Wear Chinese Stuffs38
Account of the Encomiendas in the Philipinas Islands48
La Pampanga51
La Laguna59
Vicor and Camarines60
Letter from Governor Dasmarinas to Felipe II73
The Fortification of Manila88
Investigations at Manila Concerning Trade with Macan90
Documents of 1592103
Opinions of the Religious Communities upon Waging War with the Zambales103
Opinion of the Dominicans111
Opinion of the Jesuits115
Opinion of the Franciscans116
Letter of Congratulation117
Letter from Gomez Perez Dasmarinas to the King118
Rules for the Manila Hospital122
Expedition to Tuy125
Two Letters from Dasmarinas to Felipe II126
An Embassy from Japan130
Letter from the Chamberlain, Tiau Kit [41]130
Letter from Dasmarinas to the Ruler of Japan131
Three Letters from Governor Dasmarinas to Felipe II133
Luzon Menaced by Japanese141
Precautions Submitted to the Religious143
Communication from the Governor to the Ecclesiastics145
Documents of 1593148
Letter from the King to Gomez Perez Dasmarinas148
Two Royal Decrees154
Restrictions on Commerce156
Bibliographical Data157
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