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Title:  Ted Strong’s Motor Car

Author:  Edward C. Taylor

Release Date:  October 11, 2004 [EBook #13717]

Language:  English

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Ted Strong’s Motor Car


By EDWARD C. TAYLOR Author of the Ted Strong Stories


Ted Strong’s Motor Car


Talking about smart hogs!

Carl Schwartz burst into the living room of the Moon Valley Ranch house with fire in his eye and pathos in his voice: 

“As sheur as I standing here am, dot schwein I’m going to kill!"’

“I’ll jest bet yer a million dollars ter a piece o’ custard pie yer don’t,” said Bud Morgan, rising from the lounge where he had been resting after a strenuous day in the big pasture.

“I’ll pet you,” shouted Carl.  “Der pig pelongs mit me der same as you.”

“Go ahead, then,” said Bud, lying down again.  “But I want ter tell yer this, and take it from me, it’s ez straight ez an Injun’s hair, yer kin kill yer own part o’ thet hawg if yer want ter, but if my part dies I’ll wallop yer plenty.  I’ve spent too much time teachin’ thet pig tricks ter lose it now.”

“Vich part der pig you own, anyvay?”

“Ther best part; ther head.”

“Den I dake der tail.  By Chiminy, I get skvare yet so soon.  I cut der tail off, und dot vill make der pig not able to valk straight ven he can’t der tail curl in der opposite direction.  Den ve see how mooch der tricks he done.  Vat?”

“I’ll hev ther law on yer if yer interfere with thet pig.”

“What’s the matter with you two fellows?” asked Ted Strong, the leader of the broncho boys, who was writing some letters at the big oak table in the center of the room.

“Der pig, he moost die,” cried Carl tragically.

“Why, what has ‘Oof’ done now?”

“He has ate all mein gabbages,” answered Carl, with almost a sob.

“Well, s’posin’ he hez,” said Bud.  “What in thunder is cabbages fer, if they ain’t ter be et by pigs?”

“Yes, you, but not fer dose kind of pig.  Maybe you might eat dem und it vould be all right, but not der pig mit four feet.”

Carl had a small garden back of the ranch house, in which he had been raising cabbages, devoting all his spare time to them and good-naturedly taking the joshing the boys gave him.  They were of the opinion that a cow-puncher was degrading himself by working in a garden.

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