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As he spoke the words Yva stood before us.  Whence she came we did not see, for all our backs were turned at the moment of her arrival.  But there she was, calm, beautiful, radiating light.

Chapter XXIII

In the Temple of Fate

Yva glanced at me, and in her eyes I read tenderness and solicitude, also something of inquiry.  It seemed to me as though she were wondering what I should do under circumstances that might, or would, arise, and in some secret fashion of which I was but half conscious, drawing an answer from my soul.  Then she turned, and, smiling in her dazzling way, said: 

“So, Bickley, as usual, you did not believe?  Because you did not see him, therefore the Lord Oro, my father, never spoke with Humphrey.  As though the Lord Oro could not pass you without your knowledge, or, perchance, send thoughts clothed in his own shape to work his errand.”

“How do you know that I did not believe Arbuthnot’s story?” Bickley asked in a rather cross voice and avoiding the direct issue.  “Do you also send thoughts to work your errands clothed in your own shape, Lady Yva?”

“Alas! not so, though perhaps I could if I might.  It is very simple, Bickley.  Standing here, I heard you say that although the sun was well down there was no one to meet you as Humphrey had expected, and from those words and your voice I guessed the rest.”

“Your knowledge of the English language is improving fast, Lady Yva.  Also, when I spoke, you were not here.”

“At least I was very near, Bickley, and these walls are thinner than you think,” she answered, contemplating what seemed to be solid rock with eyes that were full of innocence.  “Oh! friend,” she went on suddenly, “I wonder what there is which will cause you to believe that you do not know all; that there exist many things beyond the reach of your learning and imagination?  Well, in a day or two, perhaps, even you will admit as much, and confess it to me—­elsewhere,” and she sighed.

“I am ready to confess now that much happens which I do not understand at present, because I have not the key to the trick,” he replied.

Yva shook her head at him and smiled again.  Then she motioned to all of us to stand close to her, and, stooping, lifted Tommy in her arms.  Next moment that marvel happened which I have described already, and we were whirling downwards through space, to find ourselves in a very little time standing safe in the caves of Nyo, breathless with the swiftness of our descent.  How and on what we descended neither I nor the others ever learned.  It was and must remain one of the unexplained mysteries of our great experience.

“Whither now, Yva?” I asked, staring about me at the radiant vastness.

“The Lord Oro would speak with you, Humphrey.  Follow.  And I pray you all do not make him wrath, for his mood is not gentle.”

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