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“Here are every day, genuine cowboys, just as they really exist, spirited action, a range feud between two families, and a Romeo and Juliet courtship in the Far West which make easy reading.  Mr. Bower knows his wild west intimately and writes of it entertainingly.”—­Des Moines Register and Leader.

“Told with a good deal of humor and a lot of unusual spirit.  A very clever book—­one that has more atmosphere than usual, and which can be picked up at any time to fill a long felt want for excitement.” —­Philadelphia Inquirer.

“A tale to set the blood tingling.  It is a story of the West, with the scene laid on a Montana cattle ranch.  A story well told and a story worth reading.”—­St. Louis Republic.

“Mr. Bower has portrayed but few characters, but these he has pictured with the strong and yet delicate stroke of a true master.  The atmosphere of the West is perfect; one sees and feels the vibrant vital life of the ranch activities all through the telling of the story.”—­Pittsburgh Dispatch.

“Has many stirring situations and exciting incidents illustrative of existence in the open.”—­Boston Budget-Beacon.

“The book is vigorous, with the bracing open air of the Far West.”—­Rochester Herald.

12mo, Cloth Bound

Beautiful Color Illustrations by Charles M. Russell, $1.25


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“This is a stirring story of the Canadian Northwest and the Northwest Mounted Police.  The unwritten history of this wonderful and intrepid body of men must be a long way from the dry-as-dust histories on the shelves.  It is an open question if people do not get more real history in a clear, clean-cut tale of this kind, with its strong character portrayal and its vivid local coloring, than could be obtained in any other way.”

—­St. Louis Times.

“Action enough to thrill the dullest sort of reader.”

—­Albany Times-Union.

“The delineation of characters in this tale of the Northwest Mounted Police is splendidly portrayed.  They are flesh-and-blood personalities.  There is something of mystery, bits of sharp action, color, description, life.  A well-told story.”

—­Pittsburg Dispatch.

“The story is sensational, but is full of animation.  Scenes shift rapidly and the actors play the game of life fearlessly and like men.  The love theme runs through it all and pleasantly.”

—­Chicago Tribune.

“It is strong, virile, captivating and well told.”

—­Denver Republican.

“A rattling good story.  There is sentiment of the kind that fits with the open sky and life in the saddle, and the whole story moves with a swing and reality that are refreshing in the extreme.”—­New York Times.

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