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A glance at the Oriental philosophies will give one the key to the problem at once.  The Oriental teachers have always held that the conscious mentation was but a small fraction of the entire volume of thought, but they have always taught that just as there was a field of mentation below consciousness, so was there a field of mentation above consciousness as much higher than Intellect as the other was lower than it.  The mere mention of this fact will prove a revelation to those who have not heard it before, and who have become entangled with the several “dual-mind” theories of the recent Western writers.  The more one has read on this subject the more he will appreciate the superiority of the Oriental theory over that of the Western writers.  It is like the chemical which at once clears the clouded liquid in the test-tube.

In our next lesson we shall go into this subject of the above-conscious planes, and the below-conscious planes, bringing out the distinction clearly, and adding to what we have said on the subject in previous books.

And all this is leading us toward the point where we may give you instruction regarding the training and cultivation—­the retraining and guidance of these out-of-conscious faculties.  By retraining the lower planes of mentation to their proper work, and by stimulating the higher ones, man may “make himself over.” mentally, and may acquire powers of which he but dreams now.  This is why we are leading you up to the understanding of this subject, step by step.  We advise you to acquaint yourself with each phase of the matter, that you may be able to apply the teachings and instructions to follow in later lessons of the course.


I recognize that my Self is greater than it seems—­that above and below consciousness are planes of mind—­that just as there are lower planes of mind which belong to my past experience in ages past and over which I must now assert my Mastery—­so are there planes of mind into which I am unfolding gradually, which will bring me wisdom, power, and joy.  I Am Myself, in the midst of this mental world—­I am the Master of my Mind—­I assert my control of its lower phases, and I demand of its higher all that it has in store for me.



In our last lesson we told you something about the operation of the mind outside of the field of consciousness.  In this lesson we will attempt to classify these out-of-consciousness planes, by directing your attention to the several mental planes above and below the plane of consciousness.  As we stated in the last lesson, over 90 per cent of our mental operations are conducted outside of the field of consciousness, so that the consideration of the planes is seen to be an important subject.

Man is a Centre of Consciousness in the great One Life of the Universe.  His soul has climbed a great many steps before it reached its present position and stage of unfoldment.  And it will pass through many more steps until it is entirely free and delivered from the necessity of its swaddling clothes.

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