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But we must postpone a further discussion of this part of the subject for the present.  We shall consider it again in a future lesson in connection with other matters.  As we have said, our next two lessons will take upon the inquiry regarding the regions outside of the consciousness of the ordinary man.  You will find it a most fascinating and instructive inquiry and one that will open up new fields of thought for many of you.


I Am a Being far greater and grander than I have as yet conceived.  I am unfolding gradually but surely into higher planes of consciousness.  I am moving Forward and Upward constantly.  My goal is the Realization of the True Self, and I welcome each stage of Unfoldment that leads me toward my aim.  I am a manifestation of REALITY.  I AM.



The Self of each of us has a vehicle of expression which we call the Mind, but which vehicle is much larger and far more complex than we are apt to realize.  As a writer has said “Our Self is greater than we know; it has peaks above, and lowlands below the plateau of our conscious experience.”  That which we know as the “conscious mind” is not the Soul.  The Soul is not a part of that which we know in consciousness, but, on the contrary, that which we know in consciousness is but a small part of the Soul—­the conscious vehicle of a greater Self, or “I.”

The Yogis have always taught that the mind has many planes of manifestation and action—­and that many of its planes operated above and below the plane of consciousness.  Western science is beginning to realize this fact, and its theories regarding same may be found in any of the later works on psychology.  But this is a matter of recent development in Western science.  Until very recently the text books held that Consciousness and Mind were synonymous, and that the Mind was conscious of all of its activities, changes and modifications.

Liebnitz was one of the first Western philosophers to advance the idea that there were planes of mental activity outside of the plane of consciousness, and since his time the leading thinkers have slowly but surely moved forward to his position.

At the present time it is generally conceded that at least ninety per cent of our mental operations take place in the out-of-conscious realm.  Prof.  Elmer Gates, the well known scientist, has said:  “At least ninety per cent of our mental life is sub-conscious.  If you will analyze your mental operations you will find that conscious thinking is never a continuous line of consciousness, but a series of conscious data with great intervals of subconscious.  We sit and try to solve a problem, and fail.  We walk around, try again, and fail.  Suddenly an idea dawns that leads to the solution of the problem.  The subconscious processes were at work.  We do not volitionally create our own thinking.  It takes place in us.  We are more or less passive recipients.  We cannot change the nature of a thought, or of a truth, but we can, as it were, guide the ship by a moving of the helm.  Our mentation is largely the result of the great Cosmic Whole upon us.”

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