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Yogi Ramacharaka
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This “I” consciousness, even in its highest stages, is but a preliminary step toward what is called “Illumination,” and which signifies the awakening of the Initiate to a realization of his actual connection with and relation to the Whole.  The full sight of the glory of the “I,” is but a faint reflected glow of “Illumination.”  The Candidate, once that he enters fully into the “I” consciousness, becomes an “Initiate.”  And the Initiate who enters into the dawn of Illumination takes his first step upon the road to Mastery.  The Initiation is the awakening of the soul to a knowledge of its real existence—­the Illumination is the revelation of the real nature of the soul, and of its relationship with the Whole.  After the first dawn of the “I” consciousness has been attained, the Candidate is more able to grasp the means of developing the consciousness to a still higher degree—­is more able to use the powers latent within him; to control his own mental states; to manifest a Centre of Consciousness and Influence that will radiate into the outer world which is always striving and hunting for such centres around which it may revolve.

Man must master himself before he can hope to exert an influence beyond himself.  There is no royal road to unfoldment and power—­each step must be taken in turn, and each Candidate must take the step himself, and by his own effort.  But he may, and will, be aided by the helping hand of the teachers who have traveled The Path before him, and who know just when that helping hand is needed to lift the Candidate over the rough places.

We bid the Candidate to pay strict attention to the following instruction, as it is all important.  Do not slight any part of it, for we are giving you only what is necessary, and are stating it as briefly as possible.  Pay attention, and follow the instruction closely.  This lesson must be mastered before you progress.  And it must be practiced not only now, but at many stages of the journey, until full Initiation and Illumination is yours.


The first instruction along the line of Initiation is designed to awaken the mind to a full realization and consciousness of the individuality of the “I.”  The Candidate is taught to relax his body, and to calm his mind and to meditate upon the “I” until it is presented clearly and sharply before the consciousness.  We herewith give directions for producing the desired physical and mental condition, in which meditation and concentration are more readily practiced.  This state of Meditation will be referred to in subsequent exercises, so the Candidate is advised to acquaint himself thoroughly with it.

STATE OF MEDITATION.  If possible, retire to a quiet place or room, where you do not fear interruption, so that your mind may feel secure and at rest.  Of course, the ideal condition cannot always be obtained, in which case you must do the best you can.  The idea is that you should be able to abstract yourself, so far as is possible, from distracting impressions, and you should be alone with yourself—­in communion with your Real Self.

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