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Yogi Ramacharaka
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It is difficult to say too much in favor of the development of the faculty of tenacious Attention.  One possessing this developed faculty is able to accomplish far more than even a much “brighter” man who lacks it.  And the best way to train the Attention, under the direction of the Will, is to practice upon uninteresting objects, and ideas, holding them before the mind until they begin to assume an Interest.  This is difficult at first, but the task soon begins to take on a pleasant aspect, for one finds that his Will-power and Attention are growing, and he feels himself acquiring a Force and Power that were lacking before—­he realizes that he is growing Stronger.  Charles Dickens said that the secret of his success consisted in his developing a faculty of throwing his entire Attention into whatever he happened to be doing at the moment and then being able to turn that same degree of Attention to the next thing coming before him for consideration.  He was like a man behind a great searchlight, which was successively turned upon point after point, illuminating each in turn.  The “I” is the man behind the light, and the Will is the reflector, the light being the Attention.

This discussion of Will and Attention may seem somewhat “dry” to the student, but that is all the more reason that he should attend to it.  It is the secret that lies at the basis of the Science of Raja Yoga, and the Yogi Masters have attained a degree of Concentrated Will and Attention that would be inconceivable to the average “man on the street.”  By reason of this, they are able to direct the mind here and there, outward or inward, with an enormous force.  They are able to focus the mind upon a small thing with remarkable intensity, just as the rays of the sun may be focused through a “sun-glass” and caused to ignite linen, or, on the other hand, they are able to send forth the mind with intense energy, illuminating whatever it rests upon, just as happens in the case of the strong electric searchlight, with which many of us are familiar.  By all means start in to cultivate the Attention and Will.  Practice on the unpleasant tasks—­do the things that you have before you, and from which you have been shrinking because they were unpleasant.  Throw interest into them, and the difficulty will vanish, and you will come out of it much stronger, and filled with a new sense of Power.


“I” have a Will—­it is my inalienable property and right.  I determine to cultivate and develop it by practice and exercise.  My mind is obedient to my Will.  I assert my Will over my Mind.  I am Master of my mind and body.  I assert my Mastery.  My Will is Dynamic—­full of Force and Energy, and Power.  I feel my strength.  I am Strong.  I am Forceful.  I am Vital.  I am Center of Consciousness, Energy, Strength, and Power, and I claim my birthright.


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