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Yogi Ramacharaka
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Raja Yoga teaches that not only may power of this kind be secured, but that a wonderful field of Knowledge is opened out through its practice.  It holds that when the concentrated mind is focused upon thing or subject, the true nature and inner meaning, of, and concerning, that thing or subject will be brought to view.  The concentrated mind passes through the object or subject just as the X-Ray passes through a block of wood, and the thing is seen by the “I” as it is—­in truth—­and not as it had appeared before, imperfectly and erroneously.  Not only may the outside world be thus explored, but the mental ray may be turned inward, and the secret places of the mind explored.  When it is remembered that the bit of mind that each man possesses, is like a drop of the ocean which contains within its tiny compass all the elements that make up the ocean, and that to know perfectly the drop is to know perfectly the ocean, then we begin to see what such a power really means.

Many in the Western world who have attained great results in the intellectual and scientific fields of endeavor, have developed these powers more or less unconsciously.  Many great inventors are practical Yogis, although they do not realize the source of their power.  Anyone who is familiar with the personal mental characteristics of Edison, will see that he follows some of the Raja Yoga methods, and that Concentration is one of his strongest weapons.  And from all reports, Prof.  Elmer Gates, of Washington, D.C., whose mind has unfolded many wonderful discoveries and inventions, is also a practical Yogi although he may repudiate the assertion vigorously, and may not have familiarized himself with the principles of this science, which he has “dropped into” unconsciously.  Those who have reported upon Prof.  Gates’ methods, say that he fairly “digs out” the inventions and discoveries from his mind, after going into seclusion and practicing concentration, and what is known as the Mental Vision.

But we have given you enough of theory for one lesson, and must begin to give you directions whereby you may aid yourself in developing these latent powers and unfolding these dormant energies.  You will notice that in this series we first tell you something about the theory, and then proceed to give you “something to do.”  This is the true Yogi method as followed and practiced by their best teachers.  Too much theory is tiresome, and sings the mind to sleep, while too much exercise tires one, and does not give the inquiring part of his mind the necessary food.  To combine both in suitable proportions is the better plan, and one that we aim to follow.


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