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Yogi Ramacharaka
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will—­at the animal world—­at the plant world—­yes, even at the world of minerals and we see life, life, life—­all alive and having intelligence.  When we are able to bring this conception into the realm of actual consciousness—­when we are able not only to intellectually accept this fact, but to even go still further and feel and be conscious of this Universal Life on all sides, then are we well on the road to attaining the Cosmic Consciousness.

But all these things are but steps leading up to the realization of the Oneness in Spirit, on the part of the Individual.  Gradually there dawns upon him the realization that there is a Unity in the manifestation of Spirit from the Absolute—­a unity with itself, and a Union with the Absolute.  All this manifestation of Spirit on the part of the Absolute—­all this begetting of Divine Children—­was in the nature of a single act rather than as a series of acts, if we may be permitted to speak of the manifestation as an act.  Each Ego is a Centre of Consciousness in this great ocean of Spirit—­each is a Real Self, apparently separate from the others and from its source, but the separation is only apparent in both cases, for there is the closest bond of union between the Egos of the Universe of Universes—­each is knit to the other in the closest bond of union, and each is still attached to the Absolute by spiritual filaments, if we may use the term.  In time we shall grow more conscious of this mutual relationship, as the sheaths are outgrown and cast aside, and in the end we will be withdrawn into the Absolute—­shall return to the Mansion of the Father.

It is of the highest importance to the developing soul to unfold into a realization of this relationship and unity, for when this conception is once fully established the soul is enabled to rise above certain of the lower planes, and is free from the operation of certain laws that bind the undeveloped soul.  Therefore the Yogi teachers are constantly leading the Candidates toward this goal.  First by this path, and then by that one, giving them different glimpses of the desired point, until finally the student finds a path best fitted for his feet, and he moves along straight to the mark, and throwing aside the confining bonds that have proved so irksome, he cries aloud for joy at his new found Freedom.

The following exercises and Mental Drills are intended to aid the Candidate in his work of growing into a realization of his relationship with the Whole of Life and Being.


(1) Read over what we have said in the “Advanced Course” regarding the principle known as Matter.  Realize that all Matter is One at the last—­that the real underlying substance of Matter is Akasa or Ether, and that all the varying forms evident to our senses are but modifications and grosser forms of that underlying principle.  Realize that by known chemical processes all forms of Matter known

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