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Yogi Ramacharaka
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Carry the Universal Life with you as much as possible into your everyday life.  It belongs there as much as anywhere, and will prove to be a tower of strength and refuge to you in the perplexing situations of your busy life.

Remember always that the Ego is master of the mental states and habits, and that the Will is the direct instrument of the Ego, and is always ready for its use.  Let your soul be filled with the strong Desire to cultivate those mental habits that will make you Strong.  Nature’s plan is to produce Strong Individual expressions of herself, and she will be glad to give you her aid in becoming strong.  The man who wishes to strengthen himself will always find great forces back of him to aid him in the work, for is he not carrying out one of Nature’s pet plans, and one which she has been striving for throughout the ages.  Anything that tends to make you realize and express your Mastery, tends to strengthen you, and places at your disposal Nature’s aid.  You may witness this in everyday life—­Nature seems to like strong individuals, and delights in pushing them ahead.  By Mastery, we mean mastery over your own lower nature, as well as over outside nature, of course.  The “I” is Master—­forget it not, O student, and assert it constantly.  Peace be with you.


I am the Master of my Mental Habits—­I control my Character.  I Will to be Strong, and summon the forces of my Nature to my aid.



In this lesson we wish to touch upon a certain feature of sub-conscious mentation that has been much dwelt upon by certain schools of western writers and students during the past twenty years, but which has also been misunderstood, and, alas, too often misused, by some of those who have been attracted to the subject.  We allude to what has been called the “Power of Thought.”  While this power is very real, and like any other of the forces of nature may be properly used and applied in our every day life, still many students of the power of the Mind have misused it and have stooped to practices worthy only of the followers of the schools of “Black Magic.”  We hear on all sides of the use of “treatments” for selfish and often base ends, those following these practices seeming to be in utter ignorance of the occult laws brought into operation, and the terrible reaction inevitably falling to the lot of those practicing this negative form of mental influence.  We have been amazed at the prevailing ignorance concerning the nature and effects of this improper use of mental force, and at the same time, at the common custom of such selfish, improper uses.  This, more particularly, when the true occultist knows that these things are not necessary, even to those who seek “Success” by mental forces.  There is a true method of the use of mental forces, as well as an improper use, and we trust that in this lesson we may be able to bring the matter sharply and clearly before the minds of our students.

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