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Yogi Ramacharaka
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The watchword of this First Lesson is “I.”  And the Candidate must enter fully into its meaning before he is able to progress.  He must realize his real existence—­independent of the body.  He must see himself as invincible and impervious to harm, hurt, or death.  He must see himself as a great Centre of Consciousness—­a Sun around which his world revolves.  Then will come to him a new strength.  He will feel a calm dignity and power, which will be apparent to those with whom he comes in contact.  He will be able to look the world in the face without flinching, and without fear, for he will realize the nature and power of the “I.”  He will realize that he is a Centre of Power—­of Influence.  He will realize that nothing can harm the “I,” and that no matter how the storms of life may dash upon the personality, the real “I”—­the Individuality—­is unharmed.  Like a rock that stands steadfast throughout the storm, so does the “I” stand through the tempests of the life of personality.  And he will know that as he grows in realization, he will be able to control these storms and bid them be still.

In the words of one of the Yogi Masters:  “The ‘I’ is eternal.  It passes unharmed through the fire, the air, the water.  Sword and spear cannot kill or wound it.  It cannot die.  The trials of the physical life are but as dreams to it.  Resting secure in the knowledge of the ‘I,’ Man may smile at the worst the world has to offer, and raising his hand he may bid them disappear into the mist from which they emerged.  Blessed is he who can say (understandingly) ’I’.”

So dear Candidate, we leave you to master the First Lesson.  Be not discouraged if your progress be slow.  Be not cast down if you slip back a step after having gained it.  You will gain two at the next step.  Success and realization will be yours.  Mastery is before.  You will Attain.  You will Accomplish.  Peace be with you.


“I” am a Centre.  Around me revolves my world.

“I” am a Centre of Influence and Power.

“I” am a Centre of Thought and Consciousness.

“I” am Independent of the Body.

“I” am Immortal and cannot be Destroyed.

“I” am Invincible and cannot be Injured.

[Illustration:  “I”]



In the First Lesson we gave instruction and exercises designed to awaken the consciousness of the Candidate to a realization of the real “I.”  We confined our instructions to the preliminary teachings of the reality of the “I,” and the means whereby the Candidate might be brought to a realization of his real Self, and its independence from the body and the things of the flesh.  We tried to show you how you might awaken to a consciousness of the reality of the “I”; its real nature; its independence of the body; its immortality; its invincibility and invulnerability.  How well we have succeeded may be determined only by the experience of each Candidate, for we can but point out the way, and the Candidate must do the real work himself.

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