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Yogi Ramacharaka
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“It shall grow, it will shoot up, it will make branches and leaves, and form buds while the storm lasts.  But not until the entire personality of the man is dissolved and melted—­not until it is held by the divine fragment which has created it, as a mere subject for grave experiment and experience—­not until the whole nature has yielded and become subject unto its higher self, can the bloom open.  Then will come a calm such as comes in a tropical country after the heavy rain, when nature works so swiftly that one may see her action.  Such a calm will come to the harassed spirit.  And in the deep silence the mysterious event will occur which will prove that the way has been found.  Call it by whatever name you will.  It is a voice that speaks where there is none to speak, it is a messenger that comes—­a messenger without form or substance—­or it is the flower of the soul that has opened.  It cannot be described by any metaphor.  But it can be felt after, looked for, and desired, even among the raging of the storm.  The silence may last a moment of time, or it may last a thousand years.  But it will end.  Yet you will carry its strength with you.  Again and again the battle must be fought and won.  It is only for an interval that nature can be still.”

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The concluding three lessons of this series will be devoted to a practical course of instruction in the development of the hidden planes of the mind, or rather, in the development of the power of the individual to master the same and make use of them in his life.  He will be taught to master the lower principles, not only in the surmounting of them, but in the transmitting of the elemental forces toward his higher ends.  Power may be obtained from this part of the mind, under the direction of the Will.  And the student will be told how to set the unconscious Intellect to work for him.  And he will be told how to develop and train the Will.  We have now passed the line between the theoretical and the practical phases of the subject, and from now on it will be a case of train, develop, cultivate and apply.  Knowing what lies back of it all, the student is now prepared to receive the instructions which he might have misused before.  Peace be with thee all.





In the Ninth Lesson we called your attention to the fact that Reasoning was not necessarily conscious in its operations, and that, in fact, a large part of the rational processes of the mind are performed below or above the field of consciousness.  And in the Eighth Lesson we gave you a number of examples illustrating this fact.  We also gave you a number of cases in which the sub-conscious field of the Intellect worked out problems, and then after a time passed

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