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Some one, or nobody, knows I wot
Who or which or why or what
Is the Akond of Swat!

Note.—­For the existence of this potentate see Indian newspapers, passim.  The proper way to read the verses is to make an immense emphasis on the monosyllabic rhymes, which indeed ought to be shouted out by a chorus.

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[Illustration:  Armchairia Comfortabilis.]

[Illustration:  Bassia Palealensis.]

[Illustration:  Bubblia Blowpipia.]

[Illustration:  Bluebottlia Buzztilentia.]

[Illustration:  Crabbia Horrida.]

[Illustration:  Smalltoothcombia Domestica.]

[Illustration:  Knutmigrata Simplice.]

[Illustration:  Tureenia Ladlecum.]

[Illustration:  Puffia Leatherbellowsa.]

[Illustration:  Queeriflora Babyoeides.]

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A was an Area Arch
Where washerwomen sat;
They made a lot of lovely starch
To starch Papa’s Cravat.



B was a Bottle blue,
Which was not very small;
Papa he filled it full of beer,
And then he drank it all.



C was Papa’s gray Cat,
Who caught a squeaky Mouse;
She pulled him by his twirly tail
All about the house.



D was Papa’s white Duck,
Who had a curly tail;
One day it ate a great fat frog,
Besides a leetle snail.



E was a little Egg,
Upon the breakfast table;
Papa came in and ate it up
As fast as he was able.



F was a little Fish. 
Cook in the river took it
Papa said, “Cook!  Cook! bring a dish! 
And, Cook! be quick and cook it!”



G was Papa’s new Gun;
He put it in a box;
And then he went and bought a bun,
And walked about the Docks.



H was Papa’s new Hat;
He wore it on his head;
Outside it was completely black,
But inside it was red.



I was an Inkstand new,
Papa he likes to use it;
He keeps it in his pocket now,
For fear that he should lose it.



J was some Apple Jam,
Of which Papa ate part;
But all the rest he took away
And stuffed into a tart.



K was a great new Kite;
Papa he saw it fly
Above a thousand chimney pots,
And all about the sky.



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