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An edition is now ready, bound in boards, with tunes, only forty cents per copy.  And a “words only” edition, in paper covers, at ten cents per copy.

For the Sunday-school.

A new selection by Dr. Chas. S. Robinson will soon be ready, which will doubtless be the best book of its kind ever issued.

The Century Co., 33 East 17th Street, new York.

* * * * *

Andrews manufacturing Co.

School, Church, Chapel and Sunday-School Seating.


DOVETAILED school-desks, globes, maps, charts, blackboards, &C.

Church chairs, pews, pulpits, communion Tables, collection plates, &C., &C.

Improved methods of seating with settees and Taylor pattern chairs.

Catalogues free on application.
     * * * * *

Andrews MANFG.  Co., 686 Broadway, New York

A.H.  Andrews & Co., 195 Wabash Ave., Chicago.

Post and Stockton Sts., San Francisco

* * * * *



You can make it yourself without the slightest trouble, and at a saving of 200 per cent. with Walpole Ink powders, which will yield several quarts of the best Ink in the world.  Package of either color 25 cents.  Liberal discount in large packages to parties desiring to make Ink for sale.  Used extensively by Schools, Banks, Merchants, and Blank Book Manufacturers.  Full information by circular, free by mail.  Address, Walpole Dye and Chemical Company, 119 Milk Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A.

* * * * *



3000 more Words and nearly 2000 more Illustrations than any other American Dictionary.

* * * * *

Among the supplementary features, unequaled for concise and trustworthy information, are

A Biographical Dictionary

giving brief facts concerning 9,700 Noted Persons of ancient and modern times.

A Gazetteer of the World

locating and describing 25,000 Places; and a Vocabulary of the names of Noted

Fictitious Persons and Places.

The latter is not found in any other Dictionary.  Webster excels in synonyms which are appropriately found in the body of the work.  Sold by all Booksellers.  Pamphlet free.

G. & C. Merriam & Co., Pub’rs, Springfield, Mass.

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