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Flagellation as a Typical Illustration of Algolagnia—­Causes of Connection between Sexual Emotion and Whipping—­Physical Causes—­Psychic Causes Probably More Important—­The Varied Emotional Associations of Whipping—­Its Wide Prevalence.


The Impulse to Strangle the Object of Sexual Desire—­The Wish to be Strangled.  Respiratory Disturbance the Essential Element in this Group of Phenomena—­The Part Played by Respiratory Excitement in the Process of Courtship—­Swinging and Suspension—­The Attraction Exerted by the Idea of being Chained and Fettered.


Pain, and not Cruelty, the Essential Element in Sadism and Masochism—­Pain Felt as Pleasure—­Does the Sadist Identify Himself with the Feelings of his Victim?—­The Sadist Often a Masochist in Disguise—­The Spectacle of Pain or Struggle as a Sexual Stimulant.


Why is Pain a Sexual Stimulant?—­It is the Most Effective Method of
Arousing Emotion—­Anger and Fear the Most Powerful Emotions—­Their
Biological Significance in Courtship—­Their General and Special Effects in
Stimulating the Organism—­Grief as a Sexual Stimulant—­The Physiological
Mechanism of Fatigue Renders Pain Pleasurable.


Summary of Results Reached—­The Joy of Emotional Expansion—­The
Satisfaction of the Craving for Power—­The Influence of Neurasthenic and
Neuropathic Conditions—­The Problem of Pain in Love Largely Constitutes a
Special Case of Erotic Symbolism.




The Primitive View of Women—­As a Supernatural Element in Life—­As
Peculiarly Embodying the Sexual Instinct—­The Modern Tendency to
Underestimate the Sexual Impulse in Women—­This Tendency Confined to
Recent Times—­Sexual Anaesthesia—­Its Prevalence—­Difficulties in
Investigating the Subject—­Some Attempts to Investigate it—­Sexual
Anaesthesia Must be Regarded as Abnormal—­The Tendency to Spontaneous
Manifestations of the Sexual Impulse in Young Girls at Puberty.


Special Characters of the Sexual Impulse in Women—­The More Passive Part Played by Women in Courtship—­This Passivity Only Apparent—­The Physical Mechanism of the Sexual Process in Women More Complex—­The Slower Development of Orgasm in Women—­The Sexual Impulse in Women More Frequently Needs to be Actively Aroused—­The Climax of Sexual Energy Falls Later in Women’s Lives than in Men’s—­Sexual Ardor in Women increased After the Establishment of Sexual Relationships—­Women Bear Sexual Excesses Better than Men—­The Sexual Sphere Larger and More Diffused in Women—­The Sexual Impulse in Women Shows a Greater Tendency to Periodicity and a Wider Range of Variation.

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