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Definition of Instinct—­The Sexual Impulse a Factor of the Sexual Instinct—­Theory of the Sexual Impulse as an Impulse of Evacuation—­The Evidence in Support of this Theory Inadequate—­The Sexual Impulse to Some Extent Independent of the Sexual Glands—­The Sexual Impulse in Castrated Animals and Men—­The Sexual Impulse in Castrated Women, After the Menopause, and in the Congenital Absence of the Sexual Glands—­The Internal Secretions—­Analogy between the Sexual Relationship and that of the Suckling Mother and her Child—­The Theory of the Sexual Impulse as a Reproductive Impulse—­This Theory Untenable—­Moll’s Definition—­The Impulse of Detumescence—­The Impulse of Contrectation—­Modification of this Theory Proposed—­Its Relation to Darwin’s Sexual Selection—­The Essential Element in Darwin’s Conception—­Summary of the History of the Doctrine of Sexual Selection.  Its Psychological Aspect—­Sexual Selection a Part of Natural Selection—­The Fundamental Importance of Tumescence—­Illustrated by the Phenomena of Courtship in Animals and in Man—­The Object of Courtship is to Produce Sexual Tumescence—­The Primitive Significance of Dancing in Animals and Man—­Dancing is a Potent Agent for Producing Tumescence—­The Element of Truth in the Comparison of the Sexual Impulse with an Evacuation, Especially of the Bladder—­Both Essentially Involve Nervous Explosions—­Their Intimate and Sometimes Vicarious Relationships—­Analogy between Coitus and Epilepsy—­Analogy of the Sexual Impulse to Hunger—­Final Object of the Impulses of Tumescence and Detumescence.



The Chief Key to the Relationship between Love and Pain to be Found in
Animal Courtship—­Courtship a Source of Combativity and of Cruelty—­Human
Play in the Light of Animal Courtship—­The Frequency of Crimes Against the
Person in Adolescence—­Marriage by Capture and its Psychological
Basis—­Man’s Pleasure in Exerting Force and Woman’s Pleasure in
Experiencing it—­Resemblance of Love to Pain even in Outward
Expression—­The Love-bite—­In What Sense Pain May be Pleasurable—­The
Natural Contradiction in the Emotional Attitude of Women Toward
Men—­Relative Insensibility to Pain of the Organic Sexual Sphere in
Women—­The Significance of the Use of the Ampallang and Similar Appliances
in Coitus—­The Sexual Subjection of Women to Men in Part Explainable as
the Necessary Condition for Sexual Pleasure.


The Definition of Sadism—­De Sade—­Masochism to some Extent Normal—­Sacher-Masoch—­No Real Line of Demarcation between Sadism and Masochism—­Algolagnia Includes Both Groups of Manifestations—­The Love-bite as a Bridge from Normal Phenomena to Algolagnia—­The Fascination of Blood—­The Most Extreme Perversions are Linked on to Normal Phenomena.

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