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Travels of Andrew Leucander.

Voyage of Swanus to Jerusalem.

——­ of three ambassadors from England to Constantinople.

Pilgrimage of Alured to Jerusalem.

——­ of Ingulphus.

Original discovery of Greenland by the Icelanders in the ninth century.

Early discovery of America by ditto, in 1001.

Travels of two Mahometans into India and China, in the ninth century.

——­ of Rabbi Benjamin from Spain to China, in the twelfth century.

——­ of an Englishman in Tartary, in 1243.

Sketch of the Revolutions in Tartary.

Travels of Carpina to the Moguls, &c. in 1246.

——­ of Rubruquis into Tartary about 1253.

——­ of Haitho, in 1254.

——­ of Marco Polo into China, &c. from 1260 to 1295.

——­ of Oderic, in 1318.

——­ of Sir John Mandeville, in 1322.

Itinerary of Pegoletti between Asofand China, in 1355.

Voyages, of Nicolo and Antonio Zeno, in 1380.

Travels of Schiltberger into Tartary, in 1394.

——­ of the Ambassadors of Shah Rokh, in China, in 1419.

Voyage and Shipwreck of Quirini, in 1431.

Travels of Josaphat Barbaro from Venice to Tanna (now Asof), in 1436.


Various early pilgrimages from England to the Holy Land, between 1097 and 1107.

Discovery of Madeira.

Discovery and conquest of the Canary Islands.

Discoveries along the coast of Africa; and conquests in India, from 1412 to 1505.

Summary of the discoveries of the world, from their commencement to 1555, by Antonio Galvano.

Journey of Contarini into Persia, in 1473-6.

Voyages of discovery by the Portuguese along the western coast of Africa, during the life of Don Henry.

Original journals of the Voyages of Cada Mosto, and Pedro de Cintra, to the coast of Africa, from 1455.

Voyages of discovery by the Portuguese along the coast of Africa, from the death of Don Henry, in 1463, to the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope in 1486.

History of the discovery and conquest of India by the Portuguese, between 1497 and 1505, by Herman Lopes de Castanecla.

Letters from Lisbon in the beginning of the 16th century, respecting the discovery of the route by sea to India, &c.


History of the discovery of America, and of some of the early conquests in the New World.

Discovery of America, by Columbus, written by his son Don Ferdinand Columbus.

——­ written by Antonio de Herrera.

An account of the Voyages of Americus Vespucius to the New World, written by himself.

Discoveries and settlements of the Spaniards in the West Indies, from the death of Columbus, to the expedition of Hernando Cortes against Mexico.

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