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857.  Relation de la Voyage dans les Provinces de la Plata. 8vo.  Paris, 1819.

858.  Historia de Abifponibus.  Autore Dobutzhoffen.  Vienna, 1784. 8vo.—­This work has lately been translated into English:  had it been carefully and judiciously abridged it would have been acceptable, but it is tiresome from its extreme minuteness on uninteresting points.

859.  Historia del Descubriniento y Conquesta del Peru.  Par August de Zarate.  Anvers, 1555. 8vo.—­This work is not merely historical, but it also embraces many interesting particulars on physical geography, and the manners, religion, &c., of the Peruvians.

860.  Histoire des Incas, traduit de l’Espagnole de Garcilasso de la Vega.  Amsterdam, 1737. 2 vols. 4to.—­The interest of this work arises from its accuracy and fullness on the laws, government, religion, &c., of the ancient Peruvians.  To this French translation is added a history of the conquest of Florida.

861.  A Voyage to the South Sea along the Coasts of Chili and Peru, 1712-14.  By Mr. Frezier. 1717. 4to.—­The object for which Mr. Frezier was sent related to the defence of Peru and Chili; but he also enters fully into an account of the mines and the mode of working them, and into a description of manners, domestic life, &c.

862.  Journal du Voyage fait a l’Equateur.  Par M. de la Condamine.  Paris, 1751. 4to.—­Besides the detail of astronomical observations, this work is interesting from the personal narrative of the labours of the academician, and instructive on several points of physical and moral geography.

863.  Humboldt, Voyage aux Regions Equinoctiales du Nouveau Continent, 1799-1804. 6 vols. 8vo.

864.  Humboldt, Relation Historique de son Voyage aux Regions Equinoctiales du Nouveau Continent. 2 vols. 4to.

865.  Humboldt, Essai Politique sur le Royaume de la Nouvelle Espagne, Paris, 5 vols. 8vo. 1811.—­Perhaps no traveller ever equalled Humboldt in the possession and exercise of such an union of qualifications requisite to render travels instructive and interesting; nor would it be easy to name any travels which have so completely exhausted the subject of them, as those, the titles of which we have given, if taken in connexion with the more purely scientific appendages to them.

866.  A Voyage to South America.  By Don George Juan and Don Ant. de Ulloa. 1758. 2 vols. 8vo.—­Peru, Chili, Carthagena, Porto Bello, and Panama, are described in these volumes with great talent and science with regard to their natural history, climate, and productions; and together with the civil, political, and domestic life of the inhabitants, and various other topics.

867.  Helm’s Travels from Buenos Ayres by Potosi to Lima, 1806. 12mo.—­Natural history, and chiefly geology and mineralogy, with a very particular account of the mines of Potosi.

868.  Compendio della Istoria Geografica, Naturale e Civile de Chili.  Bologna, 1776. 8vo.

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