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770.  Ellis’s Journal of the Proceedings of the late Embassy to China. 4to.

771.  Relation du Naufrage sur la Cote de l’Isle de Quaelpeart, avec la Description de Coree.  Paris, 1670, 12mo.—­This work, translated from the Dutch, besides the interest which personal adventures in a foreign country, and under unusual circumstances, always inspires, gives much information regarding the manners of the inhabitants, and the ceremonies, &c. of the court of Corea,—­a part of Asia very little known.

772.  Captain Hall’s Voyage of Discovery to the West Coast of Corea, and the Great Loo-choo Island. 4to.—­A work not less valuable for its maritime geography and science, than for the pleasing interest which it excites on behalf of the natives of Loo-choo, and the favourable impression it leaves of Captain Hall, his officers and seamen.


773.  Noord-Oost Tartarie.  Par Nic.  Witsen.  Amsterd. 1705, 2 vols. folio.—­Forster, an excellent and seldom too favourable a judge, speaks highly of this work.

774.  Nomadische Streifereisen unter den Kalmuken.  Von B. Borgman.  Riga, 1805-6, 4 vols. 8vo.—­The author of this work resided some time with the Kalmucks, at the command of the Emperor of Russia; and he seems to have employed his time well, in gaining information respecting the past and present state of their country, and their manners, intellectual, moral, and religious state.


775.  Antonio de Andrada novo Descubrimento de Grao Catayo ou dos Regnos de Tibet.  Lisbon, 1626, 4to.—­This work has been translated into French, Italian, Flemish, and Spanish; it contains the narrative of the first passage of the Himalaya Mountains. (See Quarterly Review, No. 48. page 337, &c.)

776.  Turner’s Account of an Embassy to the Court of the Teesho Lama, in Thibet. 1800, 4to.—­This work is full of information and interest:  it relates to the soil, climate, and produce of Thibet; the moral character, and especially the singular religion of the inhabitants, and their institutions, manufactures, disorders, &c.

777.  Kirkpatrick’s Account of Nepaul in 1793. 4to.—­This is one of the best accessions to our information respecting this part of Asia which has been produced by our establishments in India.

778.  Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul.  By Francis Hamilton, (formerly Buchanan). 1819, 4to.—­The same character applies to this as to the other work by the same author.

779.  Fraser’s Journal of a Tour through part of the Snowy Ridge of the Himalaya Mountains. 1820. 4to.—­Notwithstanding Mr. Fraser’s ignorance of natural history, in a country quite new, and full of most interesting objects in this science, and that he had no means of measuring heights, or ascertaining the temperature or pressure of the air; and notwithstanding a want of method, and a heaviness and prolixity in the style, this book possesses great interest, from the scenes of nature and pictures of manners which it exhibits.

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