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747.  A Description of Prince of Wales Island.  By Sir Home Popham. 1806, 8vo.

748.  Sir George Leith’s Account of the Settlement, Produce, and Commerce of Prince of Wales Island. 8vo. 1805.


749.  Historical Relation of Ceylon.  By Robert Knox. 1681. folio.—­This work, though published so long ago, and by one who was a prisoner, still retains its character, as the fullest and most interesting account of the inhabitants of Ceylon in the English language.  The voluminous work of Valyntyn, in Dutch, which we have already noticed, may be advantageously consulted on this island, as well as on all parts of India formerly possessed by the Dutch.

750.  John C. Wolfe’s Life and Adventures in Ceylon. 1785. 8vo.—­This work, translated from the Dutch, amidst much that is merely personal, contains some curious notices on Ceylon and its inhabitants.  To the English translation is appended an account by Erkelskrom, which is valuable, as describing the island at the period when it passed from the Dutch to the English.

751.  Davy’s Account of the Interior of Ceylon. 1821, 4to.—­This is an excellent work, though like many other works of excellence, too bulky; its chief and peculiar merit and recommendation consist in its details on the natural history of Ceylon.

752.  Marsden’s History of Sumatra. 1783. 4to.—­This is a most excellent work in the plan and execution, embracing almost every topic connected with the island and its inhabitants.

753.  Voyage to the Isle of Borneo.  By Capt.  Beckman. 1718, 8vo.—­Of this large island, so little known, this volume, and an article inserted in the Transactions of the Batavian Society of Java, gives us many interesting particulars; there are also some notices of it in Forrest’s Voyage.

754.  The Narrative of Captain Woodward, with a Description of the Island of Celebes. 1804, 8vo.—­Woodward was an American captain who was taken prisoner by the Malays of Celebes:  this work is the result of his observations and experience during his captivity; but it is confined to the western division of the isle:  of this, however, it gives many particulars, respecting the produce, animals, inhabitants, &c.  Stavorinus’s works may also be consulted regarding Celebes.

755.  Crawfurd’s History of the Indian Archipelago. 1820. 3 vols. 8vo.—­This is a valuable work, particularly in what relates to the actual commerce and commercial capabilities of these islands:  it also treats of the manners, religion, language, &c. of the inhabitants; but on some of these points not with the soundest judgment, or the most accurate information.

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