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738.  Major Symes’s Account of an Embassy to the Kingdom of Ava, in 1795. 4to 1800—­Little was known in Europe respecting Pegu and Ava before the travels of Hunter, and Loset and Erkelskrom were published; these travels, translated respectively from the English and German, were published together in Paris, in 1793.  From these, and Major Symes’s works, much may be gathered respecting the manners, religion, and government of the inhabitants of this part of Asia; but unfortunately, these travellers do not instruct us on the topics of natural history.  We are indebted for most that we know respecting Siam, to a notion that was put into Louis XIV.’s mind, that the King of Siam was desirous of becoming a convert to Christianity.  Under this idea, Louis sent an embassy and missionaries, from whom proceeded the following works:  in which, allowing for a little exaggeration, in order to flatter the vanity of the French monarch, there is a deal of curious and valuable information of all kinds.

739.  Premier Voyage de Siam des P.P.  Jesuites.  Redige par Tachard.—­Second Voyage du P. Tachard, Paris, 1686-89. 2 Vols. 12mo.

740.  Histoire Naturelle et Civile de Siam.  Par Gervaise.  Paris, 1688, 4to.

741.  Description du Royaume de Siam.  Par M. de la Loubere, Envoye Extraordinaire du Roi aupres du Roi de Siam.  Amsterd. 1714. 2 Vols. 12mo.

742.  Barrow’s Voyage to Cochin China, 1792-93. 4to. 1806.  This is perhaps the most valuable of Mr. Barrow’s works, as it relates to a country not previously known, except by the accounts of the missionaries, and which has been scarcely visited since Mr. Barrow’s time.

743.  Relation Nouvelle et Curieuse du Royaume de Tonquin, et de Laos.  Traduite de l’Italien du P. de Marini.  Paris, 1666, 4to.  This work is full of a variety of topics connected with the civil, political, military, agricultural, and commercial state of Tonquin; nor is it deficient in what relates to the natural history, and the manners, religion, &c. of the inhabitants,

744.  Histoire Naturelle et Civile du Tonquin.  Par l’Abbe Richard.  Paris, 1788. 2 Vols. 12mo.—­The first volume of this work, which describes Tonquin and its inhabitants, is drawn from the accounts of the missionary St. Phalte, and from other sources, with considerable neatness and judgment; the second volume is confined to a history of the missions thither.

745.  Expose Statistique du Tunkin.  London, 2 Vols. 8vo. 1811.  This work is drawn up from the papers of M. de la Bessachere, who resided 18 years in Tunkin; and it is rich in new and curious information on the physical properties of the country, and the national character.

746.  Letters on the Nicobar Islands.  By the Rev C.G.  Haensel, Missionary of the United Brethren. 1812. 8vo.—­This short account is written with great simplicity and appearance of truth, and conveys much information on the inhabitants, as well as the soil, climate, &c. of these islands.

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