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714.  Reisen nach Georgien und Imerethi.  Von J.A.  Guldenstadt. 8vo.  Berlin, 1813.—­This work is edited by Klaproth, and is chiefly mineralogical.

715.  Lettres sur la Caucase et la Georgie, et un Voyage en Perse en 1812. 8vo.


The histories of the discoveries and conquests of the Portuguese in the East Indies are interspersed with various and numerous particulars regarding the political state of that country, and the manners, customs, religion, &c. of the inhabitants.  The following French work is valuable in this respect.

716.  Histoire de Portugal; contenant les Entreprises, &c. des Portugais, tant en la Conquete des Indes Orientales par eux decouvertes, qu’en Guerres d’Afrique et autres Exploits:  nouvellement mise en Francais.  Par S. Goullard.  Paris, 1581. 4to.

717.  Navigatio et Itinerarium in Orientalem Indiam, &c.  Autore Joanne Linschot.  Amsterd. 1614. folio.

718.  Premier Livre de l’Histoire de la Navigation aux Indes Orientales, par les Hollandois.  Amsterd, folio, 1558.

719.  Le Second Livre.  Amsterd. 1609, folio.

720.  Relatio de Rebus in India Orientale, a Patribus.  Soc.  Jesu. 1598-1599, peractis, Mayence, 1601. 8vo.—­The preceding works give an interesting picture of the East Indies during the 16th century.

721.  Beschrievyng van oude niewe Ostinden.  Von.  F. Valyntyn.  Amster. 1724-1726. 8 vol. fol.—­This work appears to be little known, except in Holland; the author resided upwards of twenty years in India, and has most industriously, though not always with a good taste, or scrupulous judgment, collected much minute information on its natural, civil, and religious state.

722.  Alex.  Hamilton’s Account of the East Indies, 2 vols. 8vo. 1744.

723.  Grose’s Travels to the East Indies, 1772. 2 vols. 8vo.

724.  Zend Avesta.  Par Anquetil du Perrin.  Paris, 1771. 3 vols. 4to.—­M.  Anquetil has prefixed to his translation of this supposed work of Zoroaster, an account of his travels in the East Indies, in which there is much valuable information, especially on antiquarian subjects.  The Germans have translated and published separately, this part of M. Anquetil’s work.

725.  Voyages dans les Mers de l’Inde.  Par M. Legentil, 1781. 5 vols. 8vo.—­M.  Legentil’s object was to observe the transit of Venus, in 1761 and 1769.  His work, besides entering into the subject of Indian astronomy, gives many important details on antiquities and natural history.

726.  Description Historique et Geographique de l’Inde.  Par J. Tieffenthaler.  Recherches Historiques et Geographiques sur l’Inde.  Par Anquetil du Perrin.  Publiees par J. Bernouilli.  Berlin, 1785. 3 vols. 4to.—­The most curious and original portion of this work is that which relates to the Seiks, by the missionary Tieffenthaler.

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