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706.  Tavernier, Voyages en Turquie, en Perse, et aux Indes. 6 Vols. 12mo.  Rouen, 1713.—­The credit of this traveller, which had been for some time suspected, is recovering itself since it has been ascertained that many points in which he was supposed to have been inaccurate or credulous, are well founded.  As his object was commercial, especially for the purchase of diamonds, his travels may be consulted with advantage on the subject of the diamond mines, the traffic in these precious stones, and the various monies of Asia, and other topics not to be found in other travellers.

707.  Observations made on a Tour from Bengal to Persia.  By W. Franklin. 1790. 8vo.—­The most original and valuable portion of this work relates to Persia, especially the province of Farsistan; it contains also much information respecting Goa, Bombay, &c, M. Langles translated it into French, and added a learned memoir on Persepolis.

  The same orientalist, M. Langles, has added to the value and interest of
  his translation of G. Forster’s Journey from Bengal to England, by his
  judicious and instructive notes.

708.  Waring’s Tour to Sheeraz. 1807. 4to.—­This work is chiefly confined to the manners, laws, religion, language, and literature of the Persians; on all of which it is instructive and interesting.

709.  Morier’s Two Journeys through Persia, Armenia, and Asia Minor. 1808-1816. 2 vols. 4to.—­The opportunities which M. Morier possessed from his residence in Persia being much superior to those of a mere traveller, his work is justly regarded as one of authority on the civil, political, domestic, and commercial circumstances of the Persians.

710.  Sir W. Ousely’s Travels in Persia. 1810-12. 4to.—­The connexion between England and Persia, formed, or rather strengthened, in consequence of the vicinity of our East India possessions to that country, has much extended our knowledge of it, and this work has contributed not a little to that knowledge.

711.  Kotzebue’s Narrative of a Journey into Persia, in the Suite of the Imperial Embassy, in 1817. 8vo.—­It is always desirable to have travels performed in the same country, especially if it be one remote and little known, by persons of different nations:  thus, different views of the same circumstances are given, and the truth is elicited.  These travels are interesting in this and other points of view.

712.  Ker Porter’s Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia, Ancient Babylonia, &c. 2. vols. 4to.—­A severer judgment, by suppressing much that is minute and uninteresting, and dwelling more on important matters, and a knowledge of natural history, would have enhanced the value of these travels, which, however, are much more creditable to the author than his Travels in Russia.

713.  Reise in den Kaukasies und nach Georgien, 1807-8. 2 vols. 8vo.  Halle, 1812.—­These travels were undertaken by command of the Russian government, and are similar in design to those of Pallas; there is an English translation, but it is indifferently executed.

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