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684.  Voyages celebres et remarquables, faits de Perse aux Indes Orientates.  Par J.A.  De Mandeso.  Amsterdam, folio, 1727.—­This work, originally published in German, exhibits a curious picture of Indostan, the Mogul empire, Siam, Japan, China, &c., as they existed in the seventeenth century.

685.  Les Voyages et Missions de P. Alex. de Rhodes.  Paris, 1682. 4to.—­This is one of the most valuable of the missionary travels in Asia, comprising Goa, Malacca, Macao, Cochin China, Tonkin, &c.

686.  Amenitatum exoticarum fasciculi.  Autore E. Koempfer.  Lemgo, 1712. 4to.—­This work relates principally to Persia, and the easternmost parts of Asia:  M. Langles justly characterizes it as a rich mine of information of all kinds respecting this portion of the world.

687.  Samlung der murkwurdigsten Reisen in den Orient.  Von E. Panlus.  Jena, 1792-1798. 10 vols. 8vo.—­This collection contains many scarce and curious articles, and is illustrated by learned and judicious notes.

688.  Asiatic Researches. 12 vols. 8vo. 1801. 1818.—­Though many of the articles in this valuable work do not strictly and immediately come under the description of travels, yet even these are so essentially necessary to a full acquaintance with the most interesting parts of Asia, that we have deemed it proper to insert the title of this work.  A valuable translation of most of the volumes has been published in Paris, enriched by the oriental literature of M. Langles; the astronomical and physical knowledge of M. Delambre; and the natural history knowledge of Cuvier, Lamark, and Olivier.

689.  De la Roque, Voyage de Syrie et du Mont Liban. 2 vols. 12mo.  Paris, 1722.

690.  Voyage de l’Arabie heureuse par l’Ocean Oriental. 12mo.  Paris, 1716.

691.  Voyage de M. d’Arvieux dans la Palestine, avec Description de l’Arabie, par Abulfeda.  Memoires du Chevalier d’Arvieux, contenant ses Voyages a Constantinople, dans l’Asie, la Palestine, l’Egypte, la Barbarie, &c.  Paris, 6 vols. 12mo. 1735.—­These are all valuable works, containing much and accurate information on almost every topic of physical, statistical, commercial, political and moral geography; the result of long personal observation, enquiry, and experience.  The travels of la Roque into Arabia are particularly full respecting the history of coffee in Asia and Europe.  The Voyage de M. d’Arvieux was published separately from his Memoires, and previously to it, by la Roque, and is very interesting not only from the simplicity of its style and manner, but also from the vivid picture which it exhibits of the Bedouins.

692.  Voyage en Syrie et en Egypte, 1783-1785.  Par Volney.  Paris, 1800. 2 vols. 8vo.—­The character of this work, of which there is an English translation, is too well known to be insisted upon here.  What relates to Syria is the most detailed and important, and has been less superseded by subsequent travellers.

693.  A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, in 1697.  By H. Maundrel.

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