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in general, qualified to investigate the physical peculiarities of the countries they visited, and are even meagre, and often inaccurate in detailing what was level to their information and capacities, yet, as has been justly observed, “there is a simplicity in the old writers, which delights us more than the studied compositions of modern travellers;” to say nothing of the interest which the first glimpses of a newly discovered country never fail to impart.
We shall therefore annex the titles of the most interesting and instructive of these travels, which were performed between the ninth and fifteenth centuries, referring such of our readers who wish for a more complete list or fuller information on the subject, to the Bibliotheque des Voyages, Vol.  I. p. 32., &c.; Murray’s Asiatic Discoveries; the Review of Murray’s work in the 48th number of the Quarterly Review; Forster’s Voyages and Discoveries in the North; and Collection portative de Voyages.  Par C. Langles.

679.  Ancient accounts of India and China.  By Two Mahomedan Travellers in the ninth century; translated from the Arabic by E. Renaudot. 8vo. 1733.—­The authenticity of this work is established by M. de Guignes, having found the original in the Royal Library at Paris:  and the information it contains, though mixed with much that is fabulous, is very curious and valuable, especially in what relates to China.

680.  Voyages faites principalement dans les 12, 13, 14, and 15 siecles, par Benjamin de Tudela, Carpin, Ancilin, Rubruquis, Marco Polo, Haiton, Mandeville, et Contarini; publies par P. Bergerin, avec des Cartes Geographiques.  La Haye, 1735. 2 vols. 4to.

This is a valuable collection, except so far as regards Marco Polos’ Travels, the translation of which is neither elegant nor faithful.  The most elaborate and instructive edition of this excellent traveller is the following: 

681.  Marco Polos’ Travels, translated from the Italian, with notes.  By W. Marsden. 4to. 1818.—­“The reproach of dealing too much in the marvellous, which had been attached to the name of Marco Polo, was gradually wearing away, as later experience continued to elucidate his veracity; but Mr. Marsden (who has rendered a special service to literature by his elegant and faithful translation of these remarkable travels,) has completely rescued his memory from all stain on that score, and proved him to be not only an accurate observer, but a faithful reporter of what he saw, and what he learned from others.”—­(Quarterly Review, No. 48. page 325.)

682.  Marco Polo Reisen en der Orient, 1272-1295. 8vo.  Ronneburgh, 1802.—­This translation is accompanied by a learned commentary by the Editor, F.B.  Peregrin.

683.  Sauveboeuf, Memoires des ses Voyages en Turque, en Perse, et en Arabic. 2 vols. 8vo, Paris, 1807.


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