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662.  La Trobe’s Journal of a Visit to South Africa, in 1815. 4to.

663.  Lichtenstein’s Travels in Southern Africa, 1803-06. 2 vols. 4to.

664.  Campbell’s Travels in Africa, by order of the Missionary Society. 2 vols. 8vo.

  Additional information may be gleaned from these travels, respecting
  South Africa; Campbell penetrated farthest, and discovered some populous
  tribes and large towns.  La Trobe’s is the most interesting narrative.

665.  Histoire de la Grande Isle de Madagascar.  Par du Flacourt.  Paris, 1661. 4to.

666.  Relation des Premiers Voyages de la Compagnee des Indes, faits en l’Isle de Madagascar.  Par de Rennefort.  Paris, 1668. 16mo.

667.  Voyage a l’Isle de France, a l’Isle de Bourbon, &c.  Par Bernardin de St. Pierre.  Paris, 1773. 8vo.—­This work is full. of accurate and detailed information on the soil, climate, productions, &c. of the Isle of France, and on the manners and morals of its inhabitants:  on the other Island it is less instructive.

668.  Voyage a l’Isle de Madagascar, et aux Indes Orientates.  Par Rochon.  Paris, 1791. 8vo.—­This work enters into every subject relating to this isle and its inhabitants, which can be interesting and instructive to the naturalist, the political economist, and the moralist; and the information bears all the marks of accuracy and completeness.

669.  Voyages dans les quatre principales Isles des Mers d’A Afrique, 1801-2.  Par Borry de Saint Vincent.  Paris, 1804. 3 vols. 8vo.—­The author was chief naturalist in the voyage of discovery, under the command of Captain Baudin.  The isles of France and Bourbon are most minutely described in this work; and the isles of Teneriffe and St. Helena in a less detailed manner.  The information, as might be imagined, relates principally to natural history, on all the branches of which the author is very full and instructive; he also extends his remarks to the soil, climate, agriculture, topography, commerce, manners, &c.

670.  Grant’s History of Mauritius, or the Isle of France. 1801. 4to.—­This work is drawn principally from the memoirs of Baron Grant, by his son.  The Baron resided nearly twenty years in the island:  hence, and from his acquaintance with most of the scientific and nautical men who visited the island, he has been enabled to collect much information connected with its physical state, its harbours, climate, soil, productions, and the manners of its inhabitants.


  The most ancient descriptions of these countries are to be found in the
  collections of M. Thevenot, and Ramusio, already noticed.

671.  Lobos’s Voyage to Abyssinia, with fifteen Dissertations relating to Abyssinia.  By Le Grand. 8vo. 1789.—­This account of Abyssinia during the middle of the seventeenth century, though principally relating to church affairs, is yet valuable for its information on the government and manners of the people, and curious, as giving indications or descriptions of several animals and birds, the existence of which had been previously doubted.

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