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for Europeans to penetrate into the interior of Africa, we must be content to derive our information regarding it, from Africans who have travelled thither; and it is evident that those will be best calculated to collect accurate information from them, who are acquainted with their language and character, and who have resided among them.  On these accounts, Mr. Jackson’s work is valuable and important; the same remarks apply to his Account of Morocco, 1809. 4to.

647.  Riley’s Loss of the Brig Commerce, on the west Coast of Africa, 1815.  With an account of Tombuctoo and Wassanah, 4to.

648.  Adam’s Narrative of a Residence in Tombuctoo. 4to.  If these Narratives can be perfectly depended upon, they add considerably to our information respecting the Great Desert and the interior of Africa.

649.  Sammlung Merkwurdiger Reisen in das innere von Africa, heraus gegeben.  Von E.W.  Kuher.  Leips. 1790. 8vo.

650.  Descrizione dell’ Isola della Madera, scritta nella Lingua Latina dal Conte Julio Laedi, tradotta in volgare da Alemano Fini.  Plaisance, 1574. 4to.

651.  Histoire de la premiere Decouverte et Conquete des Canaries, 1412.  Par J. Bethancourt:  ecrite du temps meme.  Par P. Bouthier, et J. Leverier.  Paris, 1630. 12mo.—­This curious and rare work, depicts with great fidelity and naivete, the manners, opinions, government, religion, &c. that prevailed in the Canaries, when they were first conquered.

652.  Essai sur les Isles Fortunees, et l’Antique Atlantide.  Par Borry de Saint Vincent.  Paris, 1803. 4to.  The author of this work resided for some time in these Islands; and his work, besides historical information, bears testimony to his having employed his residence in gaining minute information respecting their soil, climate, natural history, and productions; and likewise respecting the manners, &c. of the inhabitants.  There is much learned discussion respecting the origin of the Guanches, and interesting information regarding their civilization and knowledge.

653.  Noticias de la Historia general de las Islas de Canaria.  Par D.J.  Dariera y Clavigo.  Madrid, 1771. 3 vols. 8vo.  Borry de Saint Vincent, who derived much of his information from this work, justly characterizes it as a valuable and accurate performance.

The Islands of Madeira, Teneriffe, St. Jago, &c. are described in many Voyages to the East Indies, particularly in Barrow’s Voyage to Cochin China.  In the first volume of Sir Hans Sloane’s Jamaica, there is also a good account of Madeira.


The Cape of Good Hope being generally visited by ships going to the East Indies and China, there are many accounts of it and the adjacent country, in the relation of voyages to those parts.  Since it came into the possession of the British, this part of Africa has frequently become the ultimate and special object of travellers.  The oldest accounts were published in the Dutch and German languages.

654.  Reise Beschriebung, 1660-1667 unter die Africanisken Vaelker besonders die Hottentiten.  Von.  J. Breyer.  Leips. 1681. 8vo.

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