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630.  Description of the Coast of Guinea.  By W. Bosman, translated from the Dutch, 1703. 8vo.—­This work is very full on most topics relating to Guinea, not only in its physical, but also its economical and commercial state; and deservedly bears the character of one of the best old accounts of this part of Africa.

631.  New Accounts of some parts of Guinea and the Slave Trade.  By Wm. Snelgrave, 1727. 8vo.—­Works that describe the Slave Trade, before it roused the notice and indignation of England, are valuable and useful, because in them no exaggeration can be suspected in the detail, either of its extent or its horrors:  on this account, as well as for its other commercial information, this work deserves to be read.

632.  New Voyage to Guinea.  By W. Smith, 1750. 8vo.—­The author embraces almost every thing relating to Guinea, and has succeeded, in a short compass, to give much information.

633.  Observations on the Coast of Guinea.  By John Atkin, 1758. 8vo.—­Personal adventures, which however let the reader into the manners and habits of the people, and are told in an interesting manner, nearly fill this volume.

634.  Historical Account of Guinea.  By An.  Benezet, Philadelphia, 1771, 12mo.—­This is one of the first works, which exposed the horrid iniquity of the Slave Trade.

635.  History of Dahomy, an inland Kingdom of Africa.  By And.  Dalzell, 1789. 4to.—­The official situation which the author held, gave him opportunities of gaining much valuable information in this kingdom and its inhabitants, the accuracy of which may be depended on.

636.  Bowditch’s Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee, 1819. 4to.—­This work is full and minute, but we suspect exaggerated respecting the Court of Ashantee; on the mass of the people it gives little information.  The part that relates to the geography of middle Africa, is confused and unsatisfactory.

637.  Tuckey’s Narrative of an Expedition to explore the River Zaire, in 1816. 4to.  The Quarterly Review very justly remarks, that this volume “contains an important and valuable addition to the records of African discovery.”  Natural history was especially advanced by this unfortunate expedition.

638.  Relatio et Descriptio Congo et Cham.  Amsterdam, 1659. 4to.—­The materials of this work, are drawn from that of Lopez, which was originally published in Italian, and forms part of the Grands Voyages.  It it very full on the different races of people, their manners, government, religion, traffic, &c. as well as on the productions of the soil.

640.  Histoire de Loango, Kakougo, et autres Royaumes d’Afrique.  Paris, 1776. 12mo.—­This work, which is drawn up from the Memoirs of the French Missionaries, describes the physical state of the country, the manners, language, government, laws, commerce, &c. of the inhabitants, with great care; a large portion of it, however, is devoted to an account of the labours of the missionaries.

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